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'Elijah complex' cured!

Im :rainbow: feeling so blessed to have found this site!
i was starting to feel like the only christian around.
but, reading the other posts and threads really uplifted me-thanx.
however, this overcast weather is seriously threatening to re-dampen my spirits.:rain:
ps: the rain clouds are hanging over johannesburg, south africa.:sun:
Hi mpume, Welcome to TalkJesus. :love: Glad you've enjoyed what you've read so far, look forward to seeing you post. :shade:
Staff Member
Hello sister welcome to Talk Jesus. Thank you for joining us :)

Remember, the rain, clouds, skies, etc is all GOD's beautiful creation so take it joyfully ;)

God bless you
Hi Mpume:thumbs_up
Even though the clouds :rain: my be dampining our spirits for a little while, remember after every rain is the beautiful rainbow :rainbow: of God's promise. Rain also let the miracle of God's creation continue, the blossoming and growth of flowers:rose: , the chirping of the birds after the first sunray comes out. :love:
Also we desperately need the rain, sis, our water levels are not doing well.