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Thank you for having this site up and running. I have been seeing the number 11 for well over 15 years now. I first noticed it about 5 years ago, when I needed $8,000,,,I went to the banks and friends and family, and no body would help me out. I screamed to the heavens so loud I thought I was going to pass out, like Thor with his hammer stuck in concrete. and said I need $8,000. Well on my way back to Estevan, SK, to my house, I bought a lottery ticket,,,,,I never buy lottery tickets, I had checked my numbers on Christmas Day, and I had won, 6/7 numbers and won $8,311.00. I have been seeing 11 about 20-30 times a day. Every time I see it now, I just say a prayer, and it's part of my life. I have an electrical charge over my whole body, and I feel the presence of spirits around me all the time, as if someone is communicating through me. What's more wired than all of this whole story has to do with the Pyramids. I also see the pyramids or triangles all the time. It wasn't until last October of 2016, that I had some kind of weird calling to go to Egypt. I went to Mexico in January for a much needed vacation and bumped into a couple of religious guys down there and told them my story, and then they told me the story of the Lord is suppose to have an alter at the pyramids, and to pray for the lord to come down with his army of 144,000 and to rid the world of the oppressors. It has something to do with the woman clothed with 12 stars at her head and the moon at her feet on September 23rd. I am not religious, and I am very spiritual, but also believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I feel that I have been chosen, though not sure why, or why me? I believe our system and the 1% of the rich people have become so corrupt, that our system has failed, and so the end of times are near. I have had prophecies in the past which have all come true, and I am not claiming to be psychic, though I just feel that I am gifted, which is probably different, because I am not accepting money for the gift I have been given. It is a power not to be messing around with, and so I just accept it for what it is, and ask the Lord for guidance and ask him to be with me for guidance and to watch over me. I had already booked my hotel in Egypt before I knew any of this was coming down. I feel that I am part of the universe in a powerful way since I have been exploring the possibility that biblical prophecy has something so profound to do with my visions. I don't at all feel that I am being guided in a different way other than pure light. THis is perhaps a wakeing to everyone out there to be spiritually prepared for this date to arrive. I must also mention that the world will not end on September 23rd, though things will never be the same after this date, as this is when the great tribulation will start to emerge. And probably won't end for another 7 more years after this date. I am not sure when the rapture will take part, though I feel part of the process,,,,,as I have said I am not religious, and don't read bible prophecies, as I myself have my own prophecies which will start to unfold, God Bless You, and everyone who believes in Him.
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Welcome to Talk Jesus @Elevenangels

You'll find that many folks throughout the years have come here to expound or at the least mention the curiosity of seeing repeatedly certain numbers in their lives. Which also include the number "11". Might take a little looking around, but I'm sure you can find them if discussion on their significance is what you are seeking.

Otherwise, be welcome to this online community of Christians!
I truly hope you find fellowship in Christ Jesus while here.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Welcome here you can discuss with bible smart people and possibly make new friends,hope you like it here!