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Let me express how good it is to find other Christians who have or are having unusually frequent encounters with the number eleven in various and sundry ways. All the references I have come across up till now came from a new age, symbolic perspective (numerology), which doesn’t concern me. My own observation of elevens comes in clusters or close sequences, most often as I get out my cell phone to make a call or check the time, or sometimes as I happen to glance at a timer at a crosswalk or on a microwave as it hits on eleven, or on receipts, or anywhere else I see numbers. (I just noticed that the time on my cell phone is 11:11… just saying.) This also occurs for me as one-off responses to important prayers when I really need the extra comfort. There are a lot of other stories, like my bowl of fleece experience that left me stunned. (Check out Judges 6:40 if you don’t know the original story.) …And how did I know that 1331 on my car’s trip odometer is eleven cubed? Regarding my question about the source, the elevens happened with even more intensity when I prayed to ask if this was coming from God. Although I remain ever watchful, I am convinced it does. Although over my lifetime I have not been a total stranger to extra-normal experiences of this sort, this one is special and it takes the cake.
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Perhaps when your focus turns to 11.......stop the train of thought........sing a song of praise and thanks to the Lord or a prayer..... Let the Lord and His love captivate you