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Easy way to share Jesus Q & A Format

Me: So you say there is no God why do you say that?

Friend: No one can prove to me that God exists, so what makes you think you can.

Me: I do not need to prove to anyone that God exists. I have chosen to follow Jesus and the Bible way of living for 20 some years and you have seen me from the time I moved her 30 years ago. All I can say is since I gave my life to Jesus my life and the life for those around me has been better.

Friend: I can see the difference but you did all that yourself.

Me: That might be what you think but I know that it is my relationship with Jesus and God that has let me cope with all the things this world has thrown at me.

Friend: That's ok for you but not for me.

Me: Think of it this way when I reach the end of my life here on earth and find out that there was no Jesus or God or Heaven have I lost anything? I would say no I have lived a good life and helped a lot of people and had many friends. What do you or I have to loose in trusting in Jesus for all we need.

Friend: So what do I need to be like you.

From there my friend accepted Jesus and is living a full life as I am. We still have some issues we need to deal with BUT we both know Jesus and are willing to live the life to the fullest and share Jesus with others in a very non threatning enviorment