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Earth - the only place there is to care about.

Something is fishy here. It really does confirm my suspicions. They tell you many things about the shape and form of the earth. Just lies. Who in their right mind can fathom 54.6 million kilometers. Who? Let alone make a machine which can ever get there, then they tell you that place is called (Mars).To a distance you don't even know how to imagine or calculate.

A certain devotional posted regularly here called Word for Today by @ladylovesJesus . I especially listen to the devotional called Word For You Today written by Bob Gass on the UCB website itself. It is amazing. I don't have a clue where this Bob Gass is. I just read my Word on their website UCB (United Christian Broadcaster) and enjoy God's word.

Now this guy in his devotional has concentrated the past 6 days on how God has fashioned this earth. We are the center of attraction of the universe. No Doubt. But listen to "them" speak, they will tell you many things, even themselves do not understand and lead them to distraction. On one side they will tell you a man can marry another man and it is alright.On the other side they tell you they walked on the moon in the 1960s and are planning to land on other planets. Your smartphone today is more than a thousand times more powerful than a some powerful computer they purportedly used back then to guide people to the moon. Those radiation belts hard to cross up there? but they say they did it in 1969? Really? When was the last moon landing anyway.... when we have so much advanced technology today.

Long story short. Read the bible, chapters like Isaiah 45. It has the truth for free.

God made the earth (center of attraction) and put man on it. So don't try to listen and understand anyone who wants to tell you what the sun and moon are made of as if they ever got there. Let alone try to teach you whatever else exists in the universe. Too hard a thing to explore for the human mind and technology. You think today's technology is Superior?..... By your standards yes. What about God's standard? The God i read in Isaiah 45? And you think you can tell me how far Mars (or whatever that thing is) is from here? As humans we can do things but our limitations are real. The tendency to have a "downward pull" on all things that leave the ground (they called it gravity), that is a real challenge and headache,among many .....even more complex rules of Gods universe. Let us acknowledge God is His greatness.

Have you ever really taken time to simply notice that the Sun and the Moon and Stars are always the ones moving whole time? Ask them they tell you we rotate on our own axis at ridiculous revolutions per hour, whilst at the same time hurtling around the "Big" Sun at more ridiculous revolutions per hour. Well. Garbage. If those numbers and calculations ever made sense at all.

I believe when we are all with the Lord in the fullness of time when His purposes are accomplished, many shall be surprised at how many lies they spent their lives on earth believing, despite obvious evidence.