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Dying to Live

Dying to Live
by K.A Graaf(The fragrance of Hope when flowers are Fading)

If we all lived today as if it was our last,

We would live for the moment and not in the past.

Some live to die; their eyes dull with pain

Hope is absent, like a wasteland without rain.

For most of my life, every breath was a sigh of regret,

Much heartache; I couldn’t forgive and forget.

Life was a heavy load upon my back, too much to carry on my own,

I was living to die; I couldn’t walk this life journey alone.

Everyday I would look to the heavens with my eyes filled with tears,

Wanting God, who held my breath, to cut short my years.

One day when I cried out wanting God to stop my broken heart from beating its rhythm of pain and strife,

I asked Him to give me mercy as I considered taking my life.

Jesus stood beside me with a sad look on his face and whispered in my ear

“Please, my child you don’t have to walk alone, I am here”.

Before the thief stole tomorrow from my grasp and I slipped into a dark eternity

He spoke again “ I will take this heavy load from you. Give all that you carry to me”

He kept on speaking, pleading with me to hold on for just one more day

“I came that you might live. I came to take all your pain away

I took it all from you when on the cross I died,

My heart broke because of your suffering; it did it so that you could have life”

Give your burdens to the One who died to take them from you, just let them go.

You will never make it on your journey if you continue carrying all of this on your own.”

I proceeded to lay all the burdens down at His feet and cried as He removed all the deep pain in my heart.

He pieced back together the places in me that had been torn apart.

“Now my child, I want you to remember. I want you to understand,

You will never have to walk alone; I will be always holding your hand.

I have now set a new road before you,

But as you walk there is something for me you must do.

Now you must die to live, you must make a sacrifice to bring about Life within

You must learn to be like Me and turn from all of your sin.”

I said “But Jesus that is too much of a sacrifice to make!”

He replied, “If you want abundant Life that is what it will take!

No man has experienced the kind of suffering that I endured upon the cross.

My whole being was in agony as I bled for those who were without Hope and were lost.

My body was broken and bruised so that you could be healed and be free

I died so you could have everlasting life in heaven with Me.”

The sacrifice He made for me did not compare to what He had asked me to do for Him

I agreed that I would die to live and turn from my sin.

I repented for all that I had done and thanked Him for taking from me, my heavy load.

As went to walk away He stopped me and asked me to carry something for Him along life’s road.

Jesus placed the cross upon my back as I set out to travel on this newfound path of Life

“I lived to die now you must die to live. Lay your life down as a living sacrifice.”

The cross wasn’t heavy but at times it was painful to bear

Jesus walked beside me as He had promised, always reassuring me that He was there.

I had to die to live instead of living to die. I had found a savior who offered me Life abundantly

I will walk this road dying along the way to have Life with Him eternally.

What would it profit me if I gained the whole world and yet lost the real me; the Truth I didn’t find?

What regret would I have if I continued to walk heavy burdened, lost without Hope and so blind?

I will die to live for Jesus because He lived to die for me

He gave everything He had so I could walk free.
Thank you . That was a very moving poem . Full of hope for those who feel alone . GBU , :love: :boy_hug: Mike
oh my gosh bellarose you gave me goosebumps!!! oh man thats powerful thank you so much for sharing. thats so true. Thank you so much for sharing this gift God's given you for writing with us. :D
BellaRose, that was so touching!!!! :love: Thanks for sharing it with us! God bless you abundantly, sister and give you hope!

wow - Bella Rose - once again your poem moved me to tears. I just sometimes just don't know what to say. It was so moving. I just wish I could find the peace u did.