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Dying from Cancer

Hello all, I have a family member with cancer, that started in his brain, and I and many prayed for him and it just disappeared in the next scan, praise the Lord. Then after a time and chemo weakening him, it turns out that although it cleared from his head, it had spread out throughout his body, and I am told he doesnt have long to live. His name is Kevin, I saw him today and he sorta understands people but cant respond well, he spends most of his time in bed either asleep or in a half dream/half awake state. Please pray that either he be healed fully or that the Lord takes him quickly to be with Him.
I’m very sorry to hear about Kevin’s health condition, Brad. I know how difficult it must be for him to go through so much pain. Be assured of my prayers for him. God cares more deeply than we can imagine and is faithful to respond according to His perfect will. May He surround him with His loving presence and provide the comfort and strength he needs during this time. Grace and peace to you.
My brother, Kevin must stop the chemo therapy at once if he is to live. The hand of God touched him already through your prayers and sincere faith, Kevin was healed when the cancer left his brain. Your misguided faith in doctors on the other hand, -who have led you to believe the cancer has spread throughout his body-has allowed them to practice manmade remedies to cure cancer by subjecting him to radiation. My brother, radiation causes cancer. Stop the chemo immediately and let God do the rest. May the Lord our God give you rest and peace
Kevin stopped chemo over a month and a half ago. I understand your thoughts, lack of faith perhaps. And my faith in doctors are only as someone who knows a little more about the human body than most and ways to treat it in sickness, they are no miracle workers, thats God's domain. But I am not Kevin, he has his own family who makes decisions about him. He is my wife's nephew.

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