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Discussion in 'Evidence & Prophecy' started by yandwa08, Apr 23, 2009.

Random Thread
  1. why is it most of the time I dream that am swimming or having difficulties in climbing.these two dreams occur frequently. I do fail to explain. Can someone give a deeper explanation.I do climb with difficulties
  2. Probably just dreams, i know lots of people who have recurring dreams. They go away eventually...

    God bless
  3. that dream means that there is something in your life that is a huge obstacle. God wants you to find that out and overcome it.
    that is when you can climb over the tree successfully
  4. I would agree with nighthorde. Ask yourself what is happening in your life right now that is similar to you having to climb a tree (to no avail) or swimming.
    Dreams, which are from God, tell us about our mental states in the subconscious that we must be aware of. Pray and you will be able to pin point what
    exactly is happening in your life and how it compares to your dream. This can sometimes take days so you should write it down so you can remember
    and come back to it.

    God bless!
  5. In agreement with mouse. Sounds about right, but ultimately only the Holy Spirit can confirm if this is something He is showing you.

    I'd also at the same time be careful not to assume every dream is from GOD. In this case, since its rather a basic dream and you say you dream it frequently, it might be GOD telling you something.

    Read this article that may help you

    Christian dream interpretation? Are our dreams from God?
  6. Thanks for posting that article Chad. While it is true that every dream doesn't necessarily come from God, it is God who gave us the ability to dream.
    Especially when there is something in our lives that is mentally crippling us or making us sick, angry, depressed. Long ago I used to see a psychiatrist
    that assisted me in analyzing my dreams and it helped me to get out of my mental problem. I've been analyzing my own dreams ever since so that I
    can be more aware of my subconscious thinking.

    I want to use the word subconscious carefully because I don't really know if people have a subconscious. It was used in my psychoanalysis. I know
    it's mentioned in new age and occult subjects and that is the reason I'm careful with the word and in no way refer to it in that context. However, I think
    we have a level of mental awareness that is beneath our conscious and that can come out in our dreams.

    In regards to Matthew 27:19, I would love to know exactly what Pilate's wife's dreamed about regarding Jesus.

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