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I had a dream that I was standing on a balcony above a waterfall myself and several other people. My brother was also standing on another balcony below me at the bottom of the waterfall with several other people. While we were all looking into the water a large fish the size of a whale would jump out of the water onto a large boulder that was in the middle of the water over and over again. Each time the fish would jump onto the rock my brother would look up at me and yell "now that's love." Can anyone help me interpret this dream I would appreciate any help I can get. I have some information about this dream but I'm still not totally satisfied. Please Help! :sleep:

Thank You,
How exciting!

Unfortunately i do not have the gift of interpretation in this way fulloffaith, but i do know that our heavenly Father will show you in due time what it means if indeed it is important for him to do so.

When HE starts something, HE always finishes it and will at some time give you the answer

Let us know if that happens i would be very interested
i dont have any proper interprtation, but as i read it i thought, wow a fish belongs in water always if it doesnt it dies, this fish is sacrificing it's self on the rock, just the way jesus sacrificed his life for us. "now that is love"

be blessed, god will show you in his own time.
I only can tell you, what I think, what this dream is speaking in my inner. Something is speaking through that dream to me. If you read it, you'll know, if it's from me or if God is speaking to you!

The waterfall seems to be the Holy Spirit, Jesus is Love and the rock, the wale leads you on the Rock, the fish = ichtys = Jesus. You will be filled up with the Holy Spirit, you are grounded on the Rock/Jesus, than you'll be comming to a higher spiritual level, the balcony, you are standing on with a lot of people. The whale wants to pay your attention on the rock and the man translated it to you: Jesus ist the rock! Nothing is impossible! The Holy Spirit is near to fill you up and will bring you on a higher level of worship and near into the glory of God.


I want to say thank you to all of you for your response to my post you have all helped me by giving me bits and peaces of information to help me to interpret this dream. I believe I have it now and I want to share it with you all especially you Jehovah-Jirah and Safari-Olli. The two balconies are symbols of position in ministry based on the level of anointing that God places on your life. The waterfall is a symbol of the holy spirit, and also an abundance of blessings to come. My brother is a symbol of fellowship and unity in the body of Christ. The large Fish represents Jesus Christ. The fish jumping in and out of the water represents the continuous sacrifices that Jesus has made for the church and His people while expressing His love. The boulder or large rock represents the church or body of Christ. Jesus jumpimg onto the rock is a sign that Jesus is covering and protecting the church by His Holy Spirit. Jesus said "upon this rock I will build my church." "Now that truly is Love." God wants His leaders to turn the hearts of His people back to Jesus so that he can re-establish the foundation of the church back to its original intent and purpose and that is for us all to work together in UNITY to spread the Love and message of Jesus Christ all over this world while preparing everyone for the return of Christ.
Be blessed!

Amen and Amen Fullof faith, the way you wrote that interpretation is holy spirit inspired, and is a challange to us all to bring the message of Love and Unity to all, we are all temples of the holyspirit and if we will die to self and let the holy spirit fill us to overflow, that love will touch others.

I pray in Jesus name that we will all overflow and be a bright shinning light for our saviour.

Godbless you sister.
I could not have said it better my self Jehovah Jirah.
God bless you and thanks again your allowing the Lord to use you to help me.


These are not always God inspired some times it could be coming from elsewhere or even chocolate or cheese just before bed. :thumbs_do

The best one to share them with; after you have prayed, is a very close Christian friend or pastor ---> '' if you really need to''.
Expecting God to answer you through any web site is dodgy.

Dreams that you may remember when awake could well be from God, for you, or some other Christian or for the church leaders.

SO hold them losely. :shade:
Perhaps you could ask God to help you understand this dream. You could ask him to make the message clear by giving it to you in another way.