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I have a dream to have a home and to be safe in it and to learn more about god and to be able to not think badly about people who seem nice.

I dream of getting to know about our Lord more and also bring my non-christian friends to know him. London and the World for Christ!
God Bless
i plan on having a family that lives for God...and helping my dad and 2 brothers get to know God more...
I dream to one day go to Leadership college, become a youth leader, and then let God take it from there, he knows what to do.

God Bless!!

i dream to go to Africa in poverty strickin regions and teach and provide help for its community and to preach world wide, but if none of that came true and i ended cleaning toilets for the rest of my life, i dream that i will always have GOD in my life and to serve him with all gladness.

GOD is my idol

I dream about being useful for our Saviour and I will do anything the Lord want me to do for him. I am not a really good speaker but if the Lord wants me to do that I will! I want to do something with my husband ( if I'll get married sometime) for Jesus.. I can imagine to be in a Praise Band and do Worship for him. I can imagine to talk to teens about Jesus I can imagine everything to do for Jesus - because if our Lord wants us to do something he will make it work if we really want to!!

I will live for the Lord with all my heart, all my strength and all I have! He is the reason I live! :love:

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