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Dream of Calling up Healthcare Workers and Blocking Cellphones

Discussion in 'Stories' started by stitchincricket, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Dream of Calling up Healthcare Workers and Blocking Cellphones
    On the morning of 8-8-14 at 7:20 AM I had this dream:

    I was in town driving and noticed suddenly there was a huge bottleneck of traffic and that people were up ahead were turning around, etc. I couldn't figure out what was going on until we got to an intersection. Then we could see there was one of those programed sign boxes setup in the median that had a message stating that anyone attempting to call out on their cellphone was at risk of being arrested. People were all talking and trying to figure out what was going on and no one had any ideas.

    Next, I found myself in a building with some other people in a small group waiting in a line. When my group got to the front of the line it was announced that they were looking for HSRN's, I replied, "I'm an HSLPN. I'm just waiting on my liscence." The women closest to me in the group started asking what on earth was going on and what this was all about. I said, "I'll bet it's something to do with that ebola thing going on.

    It's horrible stuff, you can't stop bleeding. You bleed from your eyes, nose, mouth, everything and you can't stop." I was very emotional and breaking into tears while I was saying this to them. This one woman just broke into uncontrollable weeping. One of the other woman said something about Stephanie not being able to handle that. I'm assuming that was the crying woman's name. Then the dream ended.

    I have no idea what an HSRN or HSLPN even is. I take my NCLEX LPN board exam 8-12-14, so, I'm not an LPN, yet. I haven't had a dream like this for many years, I did take notice of the date--8-8 interesting. I just think it's odd that I dreamed this today after I posted about the U.S. bombing ISIS positions last night and having a LONG prayer session with the Lord last night about Israel's safety, the genocide in Iraq, little children, etc.

  2. Greeting in the Lord.
    Dreams are very spiritual and much can be learned from them.

    The entire creation is following after the worlds ways, not God ways.This world can not and will not save us.

    Many will find the broad path and wide gate that leads to destruction. Few will find the narrow path and straight gate that leads to eternal life.

    Seek ye your treasures in heaven, for where your treasure is there your heart shall be.
  3. Little lambs, following one after another, being led before the shearer.
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  4. HSRN

    HSRN=Health services research network? It has to do with healthcare, its a healthcare plan offered by one of the big healthcare providers.
    HSLPN is probably another type healthcare plan.

    Nothing specific from the Lord on your dream, but I thought I would throw that out there.
  5. Symbols and Possible Interpretation:

    Bottleneck – blockage; holdup; restricted access

    Traffic – trade, commerce, business, transactions; all the vehicles driving along a certain road or in a certain area (M-W Dictionary).

    Vehicle – medium, means, channel, instrument, agent, means of expression, mouth piece

    Driving – motivating, influential, urging, compelling, guiding, directing, leading

    Road – highway, path, approach, direction; movement or progress along a course (M-W).

    Course – curriculum, lessons, direction

    Direction – focus, aim, objective

    Area – topic, subject, theme

    This, to me, just from the first paragraph, sounds like the persecution of Christians, i.e. in particular those who are sharing the gospel, i.e. who are “mouth pieces” for God, who are urging and compelling people to give their hearts to Jesus. Up ahead, i.e. in the future, perhaps, which very well could be now, there was restricted access for these “mouth pieces” who are urging and compelling people to believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And, people “turning around” could mean that people are repenting of sin as a direct result of this Christian persecution. You didn’t understand what was going on until you reached an intersection, i.e. a point of decision or a turning point or a moment of truth or defining moment, which would be this persecution of Christians and the censorship of the gospel, it would appear.

    Regarding the “programed sign boxes setup in the median,” programmed means scheduled or planned and sign means warning or indication. Boxes can mean fights, and setup means deception, trap, or swindle (con game). And, median can mean midpoint, like mid-trib or something like that when the beast is going to rule the earth. I am not sure on this exactly, other than I do know that much of what we see in the news is really a con-game, and that fighting (riots, bombings, et al) are sometimes faked in order to take down nations and to deceive the people back home into thinking that we have to go into these nations to save them in some way, or to fight terrorists. But, what we are really doing is persecuting and killing Christians, and then we are blaming it on terrorists, whom we (our nation) finances, trains and equips.

    Regarding not being able to call out on a cellphone, I believe this has to do with the persecution of believers in Christ who are sharing the gospel, as well. A cell is a group, or a “small religious house” (M-W), and a group is an assembly or it means to congregate, like a congregation (assembly of believers in Jesus). A phone is a means of communication, or it means to call. And, “call” means to make a plea or a request, or an invitation or a judgment or summons. So, the church (cell) is not able to give an invitation (phone) to the gospel of Jesus (the call) or they will be arrested. This is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, et al, and it is coming to America, too, very soon, I believe. We are already beginning to have restrictions made on what we can say in various places with regard to the gospel and the Word of God. It began in the church, and now it is making its way in public places.

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