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Down to my last

I cry out but nobody
hears me.
I reach out my hand
but nobody helps me.
I stand here down to
my last broken and betrayed.
living in a house of lies.
Truth is nothing
but a fairy tail to me.
I look for a shoulder
to cry on but can't find one.
I stand here down
to my last.
Not knowing which
way to turn.
Can't nobody help me
before my end comes.
Can nobody see
my cry for help.
I pray
I wait for God's help.
I stand here down
to my las burdend.

This is a great work, I just hope it is not true for you. Except for the waiting on God part.
yep, down to the last.
Psalms 88 is a bit like this. Distressing right? But the line, the only line, that flickers hope is "God of my salvation", this tells me these things happen to His children and he does not leave us, He is with us, and will work out his plans for His own glory. Though He slay me, blessed be the name of the Lord.
By Job!