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video Don't Rely On People

Discussion in 'Sermons' started by Chad, Sep 9, 2017.

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  1. Pastor Francis Chan 2017 | Don't Rely On People

  2. This was good. Long, but good. I like his honesty about himself and about American churches and Christians, and about where we need to grow and change. He said a lot of stuff that was "right on," and which American Christians and pastors need to hear, and to take to heart. I like what I see in his life, from what he shared, and what God is teaching him, and how God is stretching him and growing him, but also his transparency about where he still needs work (we all do, don't we?). I could see how he is honestly trying to get (as in understand) suffering for the gospel and for the sake of Jesus' name, but I can also see that he doesn't yet get it, because he hasn't yet lived it, for it is when we live it that we truly know and understand what it means to suffer for the sake of the name of Jesus and his gospel. But, I appreciate that he wants to grow in that area and that he is talking about it, because Americans need to hear this. And, I do believe he will learn what it means when he actually goes through such suffering himself. And, he will also learn God's purposes for us in our suffering with a deeper understanding than he has now, when he is called upon to suffer for his faith. But, from what he has shared, I believe he is on the right path, and what he shared from his heart we all need to hear if we are to have the kind of love relationship with God which he described. So, this is definitely worth the watch/listen, but you (anyone) need an hour and a half set aside for it.

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