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Don't really know what to call it........

How could he give no regard to my feelings, my heart. The devistation he has caused me is almost unbearable, but 'I must grin and bear it' as they say, not only for my sake but also for others.
Somewhere, someplace there is someone who's been done the way I have, and someday ,somehow God will lead me to them and I will be their comfort their understanding, their shoulder to lean on, as Jesus has been mine! There is a purpose, a reason I don't know the details, but my Savior does and He will guide my footsteps so that I will not fall , though I may stumble I will not fall. Though the world does not know Him, I do! Though they all think it is hopeless it is not. I will not be left behind in this race 'cause I'm gonna run to win this prize! No one can stop me through Jesus. It is written if God is for you, who can be against you?
As my dad said, " Don't take life so seriously it's not permanenent."
At least not the one in this flesh. I say with confidence the victory has already been won through Jesus Christ. Glory be to God forever and ever, in Jesus name, amen. written by me.......................................................................hey,
I never said I was a professional poet, but I tried and it helps to get your feelings out..............thanks for reading....if you did....if not that is okay too....I would not blame ya'. Love, in our Lord, Amber.

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