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Dont kow how to cope

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Im unsure of where to begin...
This guy got hired to work at my work.. right away you could tell he was diffrent... he was a bit slow.. I went i early to watch him work with one of my friends, she told me she was uncomfortable.. the jokess he made were kind of twisted .. like about people burning and stuff.. he seemed super happy.. and tried to make everyone laugh..just a weird humor...I confornted him.. and told him the things he was joking about was unaceptabl at work... he was very pushy in not listening to me.. I was not as calm and nice of as I should of been.. I didnt know him or what he has gone through...a mass text was sent out from my boss...all the staff had complained we allthought he was inaropriate, and felt uncomfortable... he was fired.. he continued to call the store over and over.. I was informed the RCMP was getting involved..he was going to be banned... I was worried.. "omg... what if he comes and lashes out at me.." No..that didnt happen.. I was to quick to judge .. I found out he commitd suicide in the morning..Now .. want to say I feel like its my fault but by telling people this i feel like im mmaking this all about me and being attention seeking.. but i honestly feel ..Maybe I pushed him over.. maybe if I was nicer.. Maybe if I didnt make such a big deal he would of got that second chance working with me this weekend.. Maybe he would stll be here. He was a nice guy .. I could tell.. but he just had a diffrent way of expressing.

Im asking for prayers.. for him and his family and friends... To pray for me to be a better person... I guess you never no what anyone is going though you could make a diffrence .. pray for me t have no hate or judgement in my heart, and pray that he will forgive me..
Amen, RIP Nima you will always remind me of the better person I need to be!
Praying for you Calabazza, you can not go forward with "what if" and "maybe" haunting you. If you feel condemned, seek forgiveness and determine to go forward walking in a new attitude, determined to make a difference.
I am praying for you sister. Listen to the Holy Spirit, if you are convicted then ask for forgiveness and learn from the experience, if you are just feeling guilty, then understand that you are human and prone to make mistakes. In both cases, if you learn better behavior from the experience, it will help make you a better person.
this is an important reminder for us all

thank you for being bold enough to share

while we can not live another's life we can be sensitive to the Lord more than we often give time and thought to
we must also realize that even if we do our best and really try to cope or deal effectively with another person that often there are so many other factors like other people and problems we know nothing about that can determine the path that another may take

if you have learnt from this then take it with you and encourage others
do not beat yourself

lean not on your own understanding but seek the Lord and He will guide you and lead you (from Proverbs 3:5 - 6)

praying for you

thank you for this reminder
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His actions are never you're responsabilty..!you were right in defending the dignity of the work place and also in a reavaluation of you're walk over this ..I've shared the same guilt over two friends that did the same thing .to this day I wonder if I said our did enough to show the love of God to them..its in our nature as Christians to feel that way .so yes ill add this to my prayer list and may God comfort and counsel you I this time ...in Jesus name ...Rev
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Amen, RIP Nima you will always remind me of the better person I need to be!
Amen sister,I grieve with you over this loss and I lift him up before Jesus remembering that nothing is impossible with God.

This is a lesson for all of us in our regular dealings with a lost and dying world.
We can pray for everyone we meet just in case...prayer changes things and we can always request that God reveal Jesus to each person who becomes involved in our lives.