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Don't Delay

Right now, what I'm about to share to you also applies to me - let us not delay our change from ungodliness to godliness. Let us not delay it so that God's judgment will not catch us. God waits for our change He always does. Jesus is coming very soon.

God bless us. Peace is with us.
Amen to that!!! Today is the day of salvation. We have no idea what is in store for us tomorrow, only the Father knows what He has written down for each of us. Someone that I listen to on TBN (I know some do not like this media, but it has been my church for a while now, my only church up until Talk Jesus) anyway he said that the Lord Jesus had impressed on him that he must tell others that He will return very soon. This man said to the Lord that people already know that, at which the Lord replied; no they don't really. He told the man that this was the most important thing to relate to others. The time is very near. All of creation is crying out for His return. Yeshua will reign forever. Hallelujah!!! .......jmh137