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Don't be too Trusting

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Then the men of Israel took some of their provisions; but they did not ask counsel of the LORD. Joshua 9:14

It can be good to trust people. Being overly suspicious is often not warranted. However, it doesn't pay to be so trusting that you're gullible. Check things out. After all, there are many swindlers and con artists in the world today.

Appearances can be deceiving. And that's what the Hivites from the nearby city of Gibeon were counting on. When they arrived in the Israelite camp, they pretended to be ambassadors from a far-off city. They were wearing worn clothes and had moldy bread in their packs as "proof" that they had traveled a long distance. But had Joshua and the Israelites prayed, God would have unmasked this deception.

By the same token, thoroughly check out the marching orders you believe God gave you, to be certain that they 're really His instructions, not merely a thought from your own mind--or worse yet, an idea from the spiritual enemy. After all, what are the chances that God would actually tell you to empty your bank account and give it to a total stranger?

God will sometimes ask you to trust Him based on slim evidence, but pray and check things out to make doubly certain.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me not to be deceived by smooth-talkers or thoughts originating in my own mind and not from You. Give me wisdom and insight, please.
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