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Don’t Ban the Bible. Defend It.

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Don’t Ban the Bible. Defend It.
    Banning the Bible.


    That’s what one angry atheist group is trying to do in hotels at public universities.

    The anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is demanding that the Bible – placed by a Christian group – be banned from university hotel rooms.

    It’s already had them banned from universities in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

    FFRF extremists call the Bible “obnoxious” and insultingly claim that the “ible calls for killing nonbelievers.” It even absurdly claims that it is “unconstitutional to have them” – Bibles – in university hotel rooms.

    FFRF is legally and constitutionally wrong. It’s time to set the record straight.

    We’ve been defending constitutionally protected religious speech at the Supreme Court for decades. Now, we’re sending these universities a critical legal letter to protect the Bible. Add your name today:

    Petition to Protect the Bible from Being Banned at Public Hotel Rooms
    Christian groups like the Gideons have placed Bibles in hotel rooms for decades. The Constitution protects religious speech. Don’t ban the Bible.

    The anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation is still on its angry crusade to ban the Bible. We need your help to fight back.

    Sign and SHARE our petition to keep Bibles in hotel rooms: Don’t Ban the Bible. Defend It. | American Center for Law and Justice
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  2. Can we know the truth without a Bible? Perhaps, but isn't nice to have ready access at our bedside when we are away from home? I haven't read too many Gideon Bibles, because I rarely arrive at a hotel without having one of my own with me, but when it has happened it certainly was a good thing.

    Give God the glory for the purpose behind the good work of the Gideons.
  3. Why can't people just let others believe in a religion without attacking them for it. I do not care what a persons religion is. When they start attacking others for believing in something different I have a problem with them.
  4. I see no problem with having a Bible in a hotel room. I would also have no problem with other religious books being there also. Its not hurting anyone and if someone does not want to look at it they don't have to.
  5. The "why" has always been the problem for men. The really important purpose is God's purpose. Recently on another thread the question was again asked, "Why does God allow what He allows"? The answer to the question exists and God has not kept it completely a secret, but most men are really not interested in God's answer. So our answer must be for ourselves, no matter others think or do, to simply to continue stepping into the Light provided.
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