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Does anybody know some CHRISTIAN celebrities??

Not a direct question about Christianity but has to do with the topic!

Yesterday I uploaded a video about Christian celebrities.
Feel free to watch:

My goal is to inspire others (and myself!) with some testimonies/speeches/so on of some (REAL!) Christian celebrities, who accepted Jesus!
Now I'd like to make another video (same topic) and especially Female Christian celebrities are not that easy too find!^^

I'd be thankful for your help (you can also share the link of the testimonies or whatever with me :))!

Be blessed and feel strong to confess your faith!!!


Hi HolyMood,
General Charles Duke who stood on the moon, who gave his testimony
in Leeds England.
He gave me the opportunity to put my arms round him, I just loved him
and his testimony
I suppose that if you argue with him what you want out of life, his reply
would probably be, give your life to Jesus, standing on the moon has no
comparison to the love of God, through Jesus Christ, love and do everything
unto Jesus, only then does you life become worthwhile, even standing on
the moon.
He gave his life to Jesus after he came back from the moon trip after his
wife prayers were answered.
With Love, Wnl

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