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dodgy mail from africa!! warning!

Staff Member
Wrong forum. Next time send me a pm instead. Feedback and suggestions is for Talk Jesus forums itself, ideas and suggestions not reporting bad behavior.

Thank you.
laterunner said:
????? Pm ????????

Pm = PRIVATE MAIL here at Talk-Jesus. You can send it under your user panel or just click on the person's name on the whose been on listing at the bottem of the Talk-Jesus home page, I find works easiest and than pick Send privat message option.
I have something to say about the person who keeps writing these emails. I have recieved three and i thought i was the only one who was getting them. But i was not recieving them just on this site, they were being sent to my school email address. I believe that we need to pray for this person, whoever they are. They obviously need our prayers in their life. Please, if you have any feedback on what i have just said, send a private message to me and talk to me about how you feel about what i just wrote. thanks.