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Do you welcome me? A friend coming from remote in the East, I come from China.

I am 25 years old this year, go to the college , like playing the basketball writing. Study English, but my English is still very bad, can we become a friend? Exchange the story which makes life.
Hey Shine! Welcome to Talk Jesus! We are very glad you have joined and I'm looking forward to meeting you in live chat !! God Bless
Staff Member
Hi shine God bless you and thank you for joining this site! :) You will enjoy it for sure
most definitly welcome here, have you come to know JESUS yet , and have you excepted HIM as your savior ? hope to meet you soon just ckick on live chat and we will eventual meet god bless you with all his fullness and grace. if you ever need prater i will be more than happy to pray with you. were 2 or 3 gathered in HIS name there HE is in the mist of
Hi Shine..Welcome to Talk Jesus. I am glad you found this site. May you find a warm welcome from far away family members...such as us

Please join us in Live Chat. We'd love to talk to you.

God Bless you.
hi there!!!!

You know what shine everyone is welcome. Coz Jesus is always there when you recieve Him. His h ands are wide open if someone changes and believes in Him. Hes grace and love able to forgive anyone who changes.

We are very happy because you found this site. I know God is also happy.
The best thing you can do is share this website in order you can win more soul. :shade: