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Do you trust?

As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.

--Psalm 18:30

What if my youngest son would have come to me years ago and said, “Dad, I want to be exactly the kind of boy you want me to be. I’ve thought about it and I know that you’re wiser than I am. Therefore, I’m going to do my best from this day forward to do what you tell me to do. I want to be just the kind of man you’ve taught me to be”?

Do you think I would’ve responded with, “You’ll regret the day you ever said that to me. First of all, no more fun and games for you. After school each day, you’ll do homework from the minute you get in until you go to bed. You’re going to eat spinach and green beans for every meal, and there will be no more baseball or football for you”?

Of course not! I probably would’ve said, “Let’s go get an ice cream cone! Or better yet, do you want to play catch? Let’s go and hang out together!” If my son said something like that to me, I would do everything possible to make sure he had the very best in life. And I assure you, that comes from a father who is selfish, sinful, and finite.

But we have a heavenly Father who isn’t any of those things mentioned above. He loves us more than we can possibly imagine and desires the very best for our lives. When I say you can trust the Lord, you can! Throughout life, you may not have all the facts or the whole story, but you must simply trust God. And when you can’t see a clear path in front of you, don’t ever doubt in the dark what God has shown you in the light!


God Bless you Nigh Thank you for sharing. Gods love is so pure. He loves us more than any earthly father or mother possibly could. I liked what you said about trusting and not doubting him when we dont see a cleaqr path. That is true. We need to trust him even if we dont have all the details like you mentioned. Praise God. Thank you! :love: