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Do you seek peace?

What do we need to do to retain , maintain , and obtain peace? Well, I will share with you my understanding on this needed topic. We are told, promised in fact that we have been given the peace of Christ yet few know how to gain this. We gain this gift by seeking it out and in this sence we search ourselves and see if we have peace before doing things. have you ever experienced the feeling as you are typing on the live chat not to send a line you just wrote? Why? Because you did not have peace about it. So often we plow ahead and bull dog with what we want to say that we had no peace about and then we reap the rewards from it because if we did not have peace before we did it we won't have peace after we have done it. Yet when we heed the Spirit of Peace and let it work as our umpire to guide us in our ways we get peace , obtain peace and by heeding it as a normal feeling we maintain peace. The moment you lose your peace ,stop, and review why.This is how some keep peace during the storms in their lives. They wait for peace to guide them forwards and where they can not do anything they have trust that the God who loves them is fully able to get them through the storms and into a safe port. He is real and fully as He always has been through out all of eturnity.......and He is your Dad. John 1:12
God Bless you and keep you and may His peace that defies human understanding rest upon you all of your days. It is something to always work on.....it's a lot nicer too to live with peace as a banner over you because fear is not of the Lord. Faith is needed and if you ask He will give you more.

I love you all
Your sister
Tani ... Very Well Put ! May The Peace You Give To Others Also Bring Peace In All You Do . Brother Mike
And again I say peace to all . Life is too short . Enjoy it and enjoy Gods peace . Mike