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Do you praise jesus for the blessings he has given you

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by anglomatch, Jan 24, 2011.


Do we say thank you Jesus for your blessings

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. I forgot

  4. I think about it but dont say it

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  1. How many of us thank our saviour and god for the blessings that he showers upon us everyday in our life?Most of the times i forget i keep looking at all the bigger and greater things i want that i forget to thank him for the smallest miracles that he performs for me .

  2. Always thankful.

    I did not become a Christian until midway through my life. I have very strong memories of the emptiness and despair associated with not knowing Jesus Christ.

    In fact, I was contemplating suicide, nothing made any sense. I had a father who professed Athiesm. The first time I came home with a Bible under my arm, he struck me. Rather passionate fellow, he strongly held his beliefs.

    So God gave me a very firm spiritual conversion. Horses for courses.
    By the way, my father submitted to Jesus Christ many years later.

    So I am extremely grateful to Jesus Christ, I can never forget the transition from desperation to redemption.

    He whom is forgiven much is always thankful.
  3. Yes, I praise Jesus and God and say "may glory and praise forever be with you."
  4. I have been going through a very hard time of being separated from my wife since mid-November. While I have been praying daily for reconciliation, another thing that I have been praying about in regards to her is being taken care of. Granted it's a smaller blessing, but I thank God for it as well as everything else He has given me each day.
  5. Every night and morning when I pray, I make sure thanking God is one of the first things I do. And then as I go about my day I continuously thank God for the good things I come across.

    Also I just recently started a new routine in my prayers every night where I thank God for 3 specific things in my life- things like the hair on my head, Earl Grey tea, clean drinking water. I just want to make sure I appreciate all that I have everyday because I know so many people don't have much at all.
  6. Sometimes even the smallest of things in live we should thank him for,it may sound ridiculous but many people are depreived of that blessing which we consider not really important.
    Thank you jesus !!!
  7. We have normal every day things .Kings of old never had! No matter how great they were!
  8. I am guilty of thanking God for various things like hot water, indoor plumbing, A good job, my family, the rain from heaven, my Christian friend, food, soap, medicine, reliable transportation, a furnace, air conditioning, his longsuffering which is my salvation, etc.

    But I try to remember to thank him for flat tires, long traffic lines, missing items, arrests, back biters, rotten teeth, plugged toilets, aches and pains, chastening, etc.

    I love God. All things work together for good for me. God has used a great many things in my life to chisel out my character. There isn't much that bothers me anymore because when something happens I just ask what are you working on now Lord?

    The tough things are never fun but it is all within our sovereign Lords power. Paul thanked him for everything.

    Grace and Peace from God our Father,

  9. Neat Testimony !Thank You LORD JESUS!
  10. I'm gonna be the 1 person who says I forgot. It happens. Sorry about that.
  11. With all due respect to Anglomatch, I think it is sacrilegious to spell our God with a small "g". Yes I thank Jesus but I don't think I coud ever thank Him enough!
  12. I believe I understand your reasoning for capitalization out of reverence for God since there be many 'gods' 1 Cor 8:5 but sacrilegious? Grossly irreverent? In this case there would be no 'due respect' to Anglomatch but a smack to the face accusation of not holding God to his proper place exalted over all. I don't think you actually wanted it to sound this way but it is what your choice of words means.

    if θεοs or God is his name and should be capitalized out of reverence for him or considered sacrilegious if not done, then are the Greek manuscripts sacrilegious because they do not capitalize it? The very bible you read is based off of a manuscript that didn't capitalize it. Are they somehow better for capitalizing it? Does the bible give us express command to differentiate by the use of capitals when saying a name for God? Jesus is called Wonderful, Counselor and Friend. Is it really a terrible sin if someone doesn't capitalize out of reverence?

    There is a time and place for us to call each other out for sin Gal 2:11 & 1 Tim 5:20. We need to be extra careful that what we are calling others out for is actually sin.

    with love in Christ

  13. Hi gdemoss,

    Interesting point of view. I have also been accused of disrespect for not capitalizing the word "god". I appreciate that you can see it's really all so silly.

    It reminds me of when Jesus said "this people honor me with their lips but their heart is far from me". It's so easy to talk the talk, but I reckon God would prefer a sincere atheist who shows love over a zealot who knows all the right words.

    Of course it's not wrong for someone to want to show respect in how they speak/type, but at the same time, outward appearances and formalities are just so trivial when it comes to what Jesus really told us to do with life.
  14. Good call.
  15. Do you not know common sense is dead. :shade:Lol!

    Last night I went out to the work van to get some paperwork and it was cloudy but the moon was so bright that it shined through the clouds and a huge hallo or circle was around it. I stood and marveled at the beauty of that. No one but God can create such things.

    I am not well educated, I finished only the 11th grade. Sometimes in print I will not properly print Gods name. He does not care, he knows my heart. He just figures I am intellectually challenged. Ha!

    You have a point about the atheist who lives a good life and has good morals and lives by the good philosophy of man. This person would be more receptive to become a follower of God than the one who professes to be so but lives a daily life of lies and corruption but goes to church on Sunday and plays the game.

    It is always what is in the heart. It is the HOLY SPIRIT that is a part of GOD within us.
    All try to make it so complicated, when it is just very simple.


  16. I thank God for my job, family, food, but sometimes when i have a problem i turn to be so worried, but when remember the good things that God has already done to me, i jus stop worrying and thank him instead

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