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"Do You Love Me?"

"I swear I don't know the man," cried Peter on the night Jesus was arrested. John 18 records not only the betrayal by Judas, but the denial by Peter. Three times he denied that he knew the Lord. Matthew tells us that he even swore to God that he didn't know Jesus the third time. Luke notes that just after the third denial, Jesus looked straight at Peter. Oh what sorrow he felt as the rooster began to crow. Peter had denied knowing his Master and Lord! But that is NOT the end of the story. In fact, it's not even the beginning. You see, a while back Jesus warned Peter that he would be tested and that he would falter. Behold the love of God that already knows our sins and shortcomings, yet loves us and works with us anyway. Jesus told Peter that he would be praying for his faith to remain strong, and it would. A few weeks later Jesus takes Peter back to his point of failure and restores him. Peter comes in from fishing and finds Jesus on the beach, warming himself by a charcoal fire. Why is that important? Because the only other time a charcoal fire is mentioned in the Bible is on the night Peter denied Jesus. He was warming himself by a charcoal fire with the enemies of Jesus... As Peter approaches Jesus on the beach, Jesus has only one question for Peter. "Do you love me?" That's the same question he's still asking you and me. Our failures don't surprise God. He just wants to know, "Do you love me?" God be with you all...
I'm told that the Hebrew language has very few adjectives and adverbs. Therefore, the only way they can emphsize a point is to use repetition, which is why so often in the New Testament we see Jesus saying, "Truly, truly I say unto you....."

So, in John 21, when Jesus says to Peter "Do you truly love me?" three times, it is to drive home to Peter the importance of the committment he is making to Him because He is about to tell Peter that he will be martyred for his faith.

Do I love Jesus? Yes I do. :)

Do I love Jesus?
I love Jesus more than I love life it-self!
I love how He stood right by The Almighty GOD'S side. The way He remained loyal to HIM even to this day! The pain & suffering He went through not just for our sake but because He loved His Father so much {The Almighty GOD}.
He was & is still to this very day - a fine example for us all to follow, to listen to & to pay close attenion to. {John 12:26} & {Matthew 3:17, Matthew 17:5, Mark 1:11, Mark 9:7, Luke 3:22, Luke 9:35}
I love Him so much, that I hope & pray, to be like Him everyday & I am motivated by His examples.
Yes - I love Jesus!
The Almighty GOD & Jesus Christ are in my heart, along with The Almighty GOD'S Rules & Regulaions. They are writen on the tablet of my heart, and I keep The Holy Bible binded in the palm of my hand to take with me where ever I may go.
wow. thats exactly what the Lord has been talking to us through out our pastor. we emphisized on that verse. it was great!

and after all my ups and downs... im realizing i DO want to love Jesus with all my life, and all i am. many times we say we love Him, but with our attitudes and actions, we reflect something else. im thankfull the Lord is lighting that fire in my life right now!


I do love God with my heart, body, mind and soul but sometimes my actions and attitudes just like our dear sister Aura said, reflects something else. I am praying that the Holy Spirit strengthens us in all things.

You know earlier Peter used to say that he couldn't do what he wanted to do which were of God's will but later after the reception of the Holy Spirit said that he could do all things with Christ that strengthens him.

Let's succumb to the Holy Spirit to work on us to confirm (by our actions and attitudes) and make stable our love for Christ.

Stay blessed
I think that it is important to remember that good deeds will never earn your place in heaven. You can do good all your life, and still that doesnt get you through the gate. Only faith and love in Jesus Christ can help us to our final home. I love Jesus and I know that he came here for us. And I choose to accept what he so gracefully gifted to us. He is our Lord and Savior, our protector, our intercessor. I give my life to you Lord, guide me to my path.

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