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Do You Know Real Love ?

A poem by my Beautiful wife Victoria

Do you know real Love?

All you need is Love
Love from Elshadi the Holy Lord Jesus of true Love.

The beetles sang pining for this true Love.
The truth is the world loved them,
but they still hadn’t experienced what it was to feel truly Loved.

The Rolling Stones were stoned, but couldn’t get no real satisfaction.
Only a prayer away from your satisfying healing touch,
I pray Lord they’ll receive your true eternal satisfaction,
Your free gift of Holy Salvation.

How much more of the world could you want or imagine,
Solomon had it all, women, wealth and power.
Still his heart was acheing for more, more and more.
His hearts response to all that he had and all that he did and all that he accomplished were summed up in a few words, a chasing after the wind.
With his heartfelt repentance came the fulfilment of all he’d longed for,
By the touch of God he was loved, satisfied and Freed Forever.

There’s Nothing new under the sun,
nothing you nor I could do or have has not already been had or done.
King Solomon knew this to be true.
He had got all that had to be got, none compared with the Wisdom he desired, nothing compared to the God given wisdom he had acquired.

Still unsatisfied and a piece missing from your heart,
Searching the seas like a roaring wave only to crash down on the shore,
Just as was always done before.
Knowing in your heart there is more.

Lust along with drugs and drink,
This is cool, you think.
But at the end of the day your still the same way.

The heart is longing to be touched by Love.
Your heart and your spirit was created for intimacy like no other
An intimacy with the supernatural God.

Your spirit is aching and empty lost rotting in decay
Only the Almighty God your creator, the giver of your very life can fill this need, this passion, this burning desire to be loved.
Only the Lord Jesus can reach your depths
He’s waiting and mourning longing for your call.
Once you’ve received him you’ll never be satisfied by anything other than him, the Holy Spirit living within your very being, living in you, loving you, comforting you and guiding you deep from within.

The Holy Spirit cleansing you deep within, speaking languages sometimes unknown.
Praising and interceding to the Father within your very being.
How Awesome and real, true love does my heart feel.
How could you not want this?
How could you reject this?
There is no real Joy or satisfaction without the Fathers love.
Only given in grace, received by faith, poured out in true Love from the Father above.

Why when men have all the world can offer do they seem the most miserable?
No evil is new,
No thing you could do hasn’t already been done,
No prize or race hasn’t already been won.
No there is nothing new under the sun.

No feeling hasn’t already been felt,
No dealing hasn’t already being dealt.
What’s been written, has already been written.
No there’s nothing new under the sun.
But with you oh Lord all things are new,
With you oh Lord all things are true.

Be the best and get all you can
Then why are you still so unhappy man?
The void in your heart that only Jehovah can reach
is parched, alone and you feel still alone.

Riches and fame, it’s just a game
Reach the top and what’s left, but to flop?
Ask them all from the rich to the poor what do you yearn what’s your lure?
The love of the world, the love of a spouse, to be happy to fill this house.
Did they get what they were looking for?
Since they’ve reached are they touched deep to the core?
Or do they feel they still need more?
Thirsty, frustrated, starved I’m sure
Your Spirits parched you need a cure.
A quick fix of sedated seduction, a drug or mate your hearts still wrapped in hate.

The breathe of life that was breathed into adam is within you now crying out for restoration, nothing or Know one else will do,
it’s only his true love that aches for you.
Hallelujah Jehovah the healer is here,
longing to pull and draw you near.

How can merely a man go on without you God?
How can a heart continue to love without your truth and peace from above?
How can man’s spirit go on without your intimate communication?

The relationship of our Holy Creator who knows our every thought longs for us to respond to his love.
Nothing can we hide from thee, so why do we think without him were free.
Opened eyes and a changed heart reveals the love that without could never impart.

Every fragment of bone was knitted together by you,
Our inner being was seen and invented by your very hand.
How can we ever find contentment without you in any land?

No lover can love more than you Love.
No lover can truly love without your true Love.
No ocean is too deep for you to reach a lost soul.

There are no words to justly emphasis the Love that you pour upon your people
My heart is dancing and crying out for more of you
Oh Lord I praise you my heart is forgiven.
And thank you Holy Spirit for my heart you do now live within.

Do you know real Love?
Have you been touched and made whole from the Almighty Above?
Have you experienced real awesome redemption and renewal of Spirit?
Ask Jesus now and you to can have it.

You went to all lengths at giving your Son on the Cross
No other has ever or could ever love like you Lord,
Your Love was demonstrated in Jesus.
Your mercy is for all in your gift of FREE HOLY SALVATION.
Thank you Lord Jesus
i made it through reading this wonderful poem!!!
thanks for sharing...
its really soooooooooooooo good!!
god bless
i though it made em think more than anythgin
so true about it all if only they herd abotu god's love!! 2 start with..

Love Simon!!!
that was really awesum!!

give thx 2 ur wife Victoria, for allowin u 2 share it wif us!!

an plz tel her 2 keep up da good work!!

Love ya JJ!!
wow, that was truely wonderful!!
thank you for sharing it with us! You know, your wife sounds like a truely
awesome lady, please thank her for me!

God bless