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Do you celebrate Christmas? If so how?

Do you celebrate Christmas?
And if so how?
For us... we separate the secular from Christian aspects.

Nativity scene is OK. Hanging stars, candles, wise men, angels.. these type of things.
Santa claus, nut-crackers, reindeer, elves... not so much.

We do have some snow men decorations, perhaps I should re-consider these, but they do not relate to Santa Claus in any way.
Do you celebrate Christmas? And if so how?
We stick the decorations up after Thanksgiving, and then on Christmas day Everybody comes to our house (we ARE "Grandmother's house") for a late breakfast. Then we read the Christmas story, sing some carols, open the presents, and then everybody goes with their kids to the in-law's houses, and we clean up some of the mess, and get unconcious. then in January, we take it all down again, stuff it in the tubs, toss the tubs in the barn for another 11 months, and get back to normal - mercifully.

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