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Do We Treat The Father Like a Genie?

Is The Father Just a Genie?

Is the Father Just a genie
That you go to with your list
Every time you need something
Your prayer is like a wish?
Just rub the magic bottle
When your life is in a jam
And poof, everything is better
By the power of the great I AM?
What happens when this genie
Doesn’t do just like you ask
Do you throw away the bottle
And say, “He just can’t complete my task?
Well the Father above isn’t a genie
To be at your beck and call
He is much, much more than that
And in your life can handle all.
His love is never ending
And He sees what’s up a head
To give you what you’re needing
Not just what you want instead.
He wants more than your wishes
Your life for Him to give
To love like He does you
And a relationship with Him to live.
So if you are still holding that bottle
Throw it away and seek His face
Write His Word upon your heart
And then by His side, take your place.
© Jim Ness

Is this true?
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I have to say "Great job" I find myself looking for a quick answer to solve my problems
thanks for sharing that with us...
really like it...and yeah its true...

god bless