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please pray for my 5 year old daughter. her dad and i are currently separated. i know he will not give me a divorce. he is a lying cheating abusive "man" and i know i need to leave him. i need prayers for my baby to be ok later in life regarding this situation that this innocent girl is going through. her name is sophia and she needs your help. thank you and GOD BLESS XOXOXO
I will keep you in prayer.

I'm going to something similar but no kids and I'm the male.

God will comfort you.
Staff Member
Praying for you and your Daughter Sophia and your family as a whole.

Trust in the Lord that He will continue to comfort you and guide you even when it seems hopeless. Allow your hope be not in the things that are occurring around you, but in Him who makes all things possible.

We drift away from our first love in Jesus Christ and allow the world to intrude and displace Him in our lives. Sometimes these trials and tribulations happens in our lives in order to draw us back to Him. Keep your hope where it is meant to be and that is on the Lord.

We will continue to pray for you all. Always remember you are never alone in Christ Jesus!
You and you family will be in my prayers. I was older when my parents divorced, but I understand some of the painful emotions that are flooding your life and home right now.

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