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Disciple Fans Unite!

Hello there,
My 10 year old son got saved at a Disciple Concert and has truly been serving Himn since. My son is actually writing good praise and worship songs at the tender age of ten. I would love to hear from others that have been touched by Disciple's Ministry. If you are not familiar with them, check them out at disciplerocks.com They will be in Vincennes Indiana tonight and I will be encouraging others to come in here and testify to how they have been touched by this and similar ministries. Take Part!!
hi im a disciple fan.. i can feel the presence of the holy spirt when i listen to disciple. i only listen to christian music for a short period of time but out of all i heard disicple is the one that i feel god when i sing and listen to it . your son will have talent to make songs . my friend can writes christian songs and they are good, he got lot of talent in music but he only uses it for jesus and god. he is one of the youth band members.
:) Hi there,
Yes Disciple rocks for Jesus! We use to hear them on the radio here in Florida when they had metal for Jesus nights. Awesome to hear your 10 year old was saved there, who else does he like to listen to?
As for the songs he writes, what instrument does he play?
Did he get the songwriting from you or your wife? Do you guys play?
Blessings to you all! :)
Staff Member
Ok, I'm new to Christian style music but who exactly is Disciple? Is that the same DC Talk I'm thinking of or another band? A band site link please!
If you don't like metal of any sorts, you most likely will not like metal that glorifies Jesus either just because that style will irritate you. I grew up on classic rock so metal was close to that anyway and then after being saved all the music I could find that lifted up Jesus got me all the more excited.
You can find a link in the original reply or simply put their name in a search engine, yahoo or google and their official home page should come up. Have a great day!
One of the kids in our Youth Group can back from Collage a few weeks ago talking about this band. They had given a concert at the Collage, here in Southern Indiana. From what I understand they will be playing at a Church in French Lick Indiana (Home of Larry Bird) next Wend. night, April 28th. I guess these are the same guys you are talking about? I am considering taking the Youth Group to see them next week. I understand most of their music is pretty hard metel? But the one song he recorded for me to hear was really good, and not metal at all, I don't recall the title. But he also told me most of their stuff is not like that song...
Not my cup of tea, but I think my teens will love it.
We are taking the Youth Group to see them tonight. We are all very excited, veview to follow...

As I thought, the kids really liked it. The lead singer gave a very good in your face talk about Jesus. No beat around the bush spirit/light/higher power mumbo jumbo. He strait forward told the kids what sin was, and that Jesus was the only way to get out. He is a good speaker, no one made a sound while he spoke. Several kids raised their hands to except Christ, and pray though. It would have been up to the youth leaders, or parents to speak to the kids further.
The lead singer had a good message, but gave it after the first song. I think it would have been better to speak next to last? We would have had a chance to speak to the kids, while under conviction?
The music was a little hard/rapish kinda thing for me. Songs where for the most part "metal" chorus's.
Would take the kids again, teens really liked it. These guys could reach kids that we will not see in Church. May God use them.