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Direction from God

Please Pray that God will Lead, Guide, and direct me. I Need his direction,

Thank You So much! God Bless! ! !
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Hi Dannielle, it is easy to see you have a heart after God! It is not unusual to have these feelings of confusion at this time in your life. However, the Word tells us in Proverbs, to TRUST God (be confident in Him) with all our hearts, and not to lean on our own understanding. And that God SHALL direct our footsteps IF we acknowledge Him in every area of our lives. (Prov: 3 5-6)
You will find yourself relaxing, as you really grasp hold of the understanding that God IS directing your life. No need to be anxious, no need to run around in circles looking for direction, no need to be 'doing' something to hurry things along, in fact, it is not something you have to stress out about at all. :wink:
Pray, yield your plans to Him to make adjustments to, or rearrange, or scrap completely... :confused: and wait patiently while He does the work! His plan is perfect, our`s never are!
I`ve learned that, we as Christians run into less problems when we allow our will to be molded to Gods, than if we try to bend His will to ours!
Psa 37:4 Delight thyself (to be soft or pliable) also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.