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Different prayer needed and awesome news!!

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Today we had to pawn something to get some money for food.. not something I enjoy doing, but, had no other choice. Did that and decided to go to a store that we'd never gone to before, usually this store never crosses our minds. We get to the store and my bf sees a guy that used to be his manager from a different store. As my bf got in line to check out, this ex manager approached him and asked how he was doing, my bf told him about the loss of his job. The ex manager tells him that in 6 weeks he will be the manager and a new store they are about to open and he'd love for him to come work over there. My bf is pretty happy about that, however, he needs to be working sooner than that. So, he continues on in the check out lane and then just before he leaves, this man approaches him again and tells him that there is a position in the meat department at the store he is at now. He even gave my bf his personal phone number to use as a referance. When my bf got home, he immediately applied for the job and found out that it is a full time position. I have been brought to happy tears and I feel the Lord all in this. Why else would we go to that store today when we've never gone before.. it is all GOD!! He is moving.. Please please pray about this job as well and I do appreciate all the prayers.

Thank you and God Bless
Tina :butterfly:
This is all great and wonderful news to hear! Praise God for His hand upon us and the situations we are dealing with. He is a mighty and awesome God and so faithful to hear and answer! Will keep praying for your boyfriend and this job.