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Difference Making

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For I have kept the ways of the LORD, and have not wickedly departed from my God. Psalm 18:21

Martin Luther King dreamed of a day when people would be judged not by their skin color but by their character. This isn't an excuse to ignore the impact of people's ethnicity and experiences, but a reminder that, in God's eyes, all people are on the same footing. God, being just, sees and condemns sin, but God, being merciful, provides a Savior who unites all people as His children, regardless of background or politics or any other worldly division.

As a Christian you're in a unique position to move beyond dreaming of a better day, to actually making one happen. It happens one heart at a time, as people realize their brokenness and need while grasping that God is throwing them a life preserver.

While you might not have treated differences with prejudice and injustice, others have, and you need to represent God's compassion as you listen to their stories, sharing His truth as you emphasize the equality of all people before God. Everyone you meet matters to God, and everything they've experienced is preparing them to meet Him. You can make the introduction that makes the difference.

Prayer: Lord, help me to walk before You in a way that honors the value of each person I meet. Give me the opportunity to point them to You and support them in their seeking.

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