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Diana & Brian to have children in the future

I hope we can have children so we can start being parents and enjoy them as the Lord would want us to. I hope we can do that so we can teach our children between right and wrong! Also take care of them!
Best to do it only in marriage not before, so that would mean not living together as God will not honour that nor honour your relationship.
God, in the name of Jesus, move in the hearts of Diana and Brian to give them understanding of Your will for a union in Holy Matrimony. Move them to bring their confession to You, so that they may know Your plans for them, according to Your purifying salvation. Bless them with the sanctification of marriage vows, the only way to open the door for the precious gift of children and raising them in Christ. Amen.
Lord, bring children into their loving open arms. Open Your womb of delight, and deliver them all of their hearts' desires that you have birthed into them from the start. Bring forth blessings oh Lord, over their lives and their children to be, and keep them, oh God, in Your loving arms and power always, amen. Bless Diana and hers indeed, with more than she ever could hope for, in Jesus' mighty name, amen.
Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and hope we can have children through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I am praying for that as well as Brian is too.
I am pregnant

I am pregnant with Brian's child and I am almost 8 weeks and I am due on 8/30/06. Please pray that my baby will be healthy and be well taken care of. Pray that everyone I tell today will be happy for me not be mad at me for the decision that Brian and I made at this time. Thank you!

My kids names...

Kimberley Anna Gallatto
Brian Scott Depa Jr.