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Diabetic ...

Just wondering if there was anyone here on the board that is diabetic ? I am TYPE 2 -- control with Diet & Medication. So, if you are just drop me a note here & tell me your story of how you are dealing with it & what you are doing to keep things under control.

:star: TBEAR
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i'm kinds liek the Court Gester here sorry if i seem a bit UnFunny at times...

but have you though about giving up the Diabeties?? lol

no do you pray about it? do you believe that if you have a DESEASE liek a bad one if you pray it will go away??

i dotn have diabeties but i know at least 4 people that are my friends that have it and they all seem to coap with it differently. oen of them is in my class at school now and he does not think it affects him so yeah i dont realkly know about him

Love Simon!!!
Hello Simon,

I cannot give up my diabeties. I have this for life. I am praying however that I can get off some more of my medication & so that is a on going prayer that I have had for the last 3 years. I too have many friends that are diabetic & so I have been able to help them out & to also give them some ideas of what they can do to change things so ... that's how I am feeling about this.

Thanks for your input Simon !!

:star: TBEAR
Hi Tbear, I don't have diabetes but I do have Impaired Glucose Tolerance which can lead to diabetes. My mum and dad and mums 2 sisters have/had diabetes. I had to change my diet 2 years ago to low fat (for my cholesterol) and low sugar. I don't eat any sweets, chocolates, cakes etc and haven't for over 2 years now. Drinks need to be reduced sugar - it can be awkward if shops dont keep the kind of things I eat or drink, sometimes I end up just drinking water when I'm out!!! I praise the Lord this was found out when it was, otherwise there is a good chance I would be diabetic now. Through this new eating plan I lost 56 lbs, still need to lose some more though!!!
My wife has diabetes. She is type 1 so she has to take three needles a day and check her sugar levels 5 times a day. She is coping really well as she has only been diabetic for about a year now. It is amazing to see how God works through stressful situations. My wife used to be terrified of needles. She actually fainted once when she saw a thermometer that she thought was a needle. But now it is absolulely no problem. It became second nature. Praise God for his mercy.

God Bless you all

I don't have diabetes, although I know a friend who recently found out he was diabetic. He's been coping really well, considering he's been going through a lot recently. And he's quite young.