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Desperate Housewife Seeks Help! WWYD??

I will try to make this very short, although it's hard. I used to be a very strong Christian. I married a guy in 1994 that believed in God and would go to church with me, we even helped with the youth group a lot. He said he was a christian and he was just an all around good guy. 5 Years later, we had our first child and I became a stay at home mom. 19 months later, I had another baby. After that, I found him chatting online with women. It really upset me. I asked him to stop but he just did it behind my back. So I started going to chat rooms too. In 2002, we celebrated our 8th anniversary and talked about how we never got to date or sleep with anyone other than each other. Then we talked about 'Open relationships' and allowing ourselves to date other people while still being married. So, we did. He was excited about it and I was excited to meet the guy I chatted with online. It was so fun being able to date again, while returning to a safe marriage. Well, I fell in love with this guy, despite him being VERY wrong for me. We have been dating on and off for 2 years now. A very toxic relationship that Im trying to leave. What made me stay, is the intense passion. In the meantime, my husband met several girls that he slept with in the last 2 years. The last one introduced him to the 'Bondage Scene and Poly relationships'. NOT what I had in mind when we opened things up. I mean, we discussed doing this for 2 years and stopping. Well, now he doesnt want to stop. He's become a complete hedonist! I stopped seeing Mr. Toxic and am no longer dating anyone. So it REALLY bothers me that he wont stop and he's going out every other night! Spending the night at his girl-friends home and going to bondage/strip clubs. I asked about going to church again and a counselor and you know what he says? "I dont think I believe in God". A guy whos heavily into the Bondage scene who doesnt believe in God!!! I would have NEVER married him had I known this 10 years ago! Also, what I liked about the toxic relationship, is that he never wanted to share me. We were exclusive and only wanted each other. Thats what I want!!!! I feel like satan came into my marriage and destroyed it!!! I feel I am STUCK! I have a 3 and 5 year old and I want to focus on whats best for them. I dug myself a hole I cannot get out of. God hates divorce, so what do I do? He cant possibly like this any more! I haven't worked in 6 years. I have no way to support myself, I am depressed and very lazy because of it. I dont know if Id even be able to get out of bed for a job. I just dont know what to do. Leave my husband because he doesnt believe in God (and a monogamous marriage)? Then everyone would look at me like a giant hypocrite! I mean, my husband and I get along, we rarely fight, he's a good man and other than the internet chats 2 years ago, he's 100% honest with me. He's just being very selfish and only thinking of what he wants to do. We do family things a lot, but I always feel like im pulling teeth, getting him to go to these things. He'd much rather be at a party with naked people running around. It just disgusts me! Ive asked him to stop but he wont. If I leave, I will have no way to support myself. Id be breaking my family up, sharing my kids, Im just so afraid of leaving!!! This isnt the marriage I wanted but I feel there is no way out and its never going to get better!! I feel I made my bed and now I have to sleep in it. Is this God's punishment? I have prayed for help a million times and although I know God hasnt cut me off, I feel like he has. I am very lost. The people in my church 10 years ago would have a heart attack if they knew we turned out like this. We havent been to church in 4 years...

What would you do? I tried counselling by myself, no help. Husband wont go to one either. I was just hoping I could get advice from people who love God, who have a good walk with God, unlike me. I feel I went so far off the path I cant get back! :(

Please help me????????????
The Petition of Wisdom


The One who Cries in the Wilderness

A petition for those who’s Spirit is troubled.

Let the Light cast out the Darkness.

May God’s peace be with you and warm your troubled heart.

Things happen for reasons some known and some unknown, until your eyes are opened.

You may feel helpless and the truth is, we all are.

We are all like children when it comes to the ways of the Father.

It is the Father who guides those who live in the Spirit.

He does all things for good.

Though, we may not understand them.

We are bound by the laws of this world because of the flesh.

We are Spirit bound in a body.

This Spirit is the power that awakens us every morning.

The power that allows us to walk, to see, to do the things we do.

It is the power that makes all things new again.

Without the Spirit our bodies return to the earth.

It is the Spirit of the person that we interact with, not the body.

The Spirit, which we refer to as our life, will be forever.

The Spirit is in that secret place within ourselves where we go, when we are in a state of sorrow or happiness.

This is the place where the Spirit dwells.

And the Spirit dwells in the temple of God.

It speaks to the Father for us.

The feelings you have of helplessness and compassion are the words of the Spirit being spoken to God.

It is not the body that feels these emotions but the Spirit.

This is how we know the Spirit is alive.

It assures us that the power of our Father dwells within us.

I pray that you will continue in your faith and that God will uplift your heart and bring peace to your Spirit. May he surround you with his Almighty Power and comfort your anguish.

“Ask and in believing ye shall receive”

I beg you to seek out this Spirit

A Prayer for Healing

Heavenly Father, the gift of making love is a Holy and Sacred gift from You and needs to be so treausured by us. You Created sexuality in all goodness and gave it as a gift to be shared by man and wife. Please don't allow satan to laugh at this most prescious gift, by spoiling the beauty of Your love Father.
Please return the gift of this beautiful sharing, to the ones that You created it for. Father, it was a beautiful gift and I pray that it comes this way again, not only in Seattle's life, but in the lives of everyone You intended to bless with this gift. Take satan from the special part of the lives that this man and wife have to share with each other and heal thier wounds, so that they will honour You with thier faithfulness and chastity to one another. Allow Seattle the wisdom to know how to repair herself from the damage that satan has brought into her life and heal her scars that cause such wounded depression. We honour You Father and we honour all the Treasured Gifts that You created with such tenderness and compassion. Please don't do away with Your Beauty, but return it with a deeper faith and understanding in all of us. I am sorry that something so Beautiful and Treasured by You, got so misused and scarred. Please heal the scars in all of us and believe again in sharing Your Kingdom and all that You give, with us. Heal us, so that we are able to share in Your gifts. amen and thanks be to You Father
I'll be Praying for you too.

:thumbs_up It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63

:love: Jesus LOVES you that I know! PIXIE
You must continue to try and work it out no matter...

You must continue to try and work it out no matter how hard it seems. You both made a terrible mistake by will fully committing adultery. Now it is your job and his to repent. I know you cannot make someone else do the right thing especially after you both agreed to do the wrong thing for so long but it is the wrong thing after all and that won't change. You start going to church again and try and get your husband to go as well and in time God's word never fails and you can get support their as well. Do not wallow in the misery sin causes.

Jesus Loves you and so do I and the rest of God's Family as well. Let us all work towards the good and build each other up in that which is right.

Seattle girl,
I totally feel unqualified to answer your questions. I know if my husband cheated on me I personally would not put up with it, I refuse to be treated like that. But that is me, I cannot speak for you.
I would encourage you to got back to Church, seek pastoral assitance in this matter.
Jesus will forgive you of your sin, your sin will be as far as the east is from the west. You can get back on the straight and narrow road but you have to do it.

You may whan to ask your husband what type of lifestyle does he want his children to grow up in.
I am sorry if I am of no help, please forgive me.

Dear Friend

Hey, guess what? You're SO not alone. Do you have any idea how many tainted marriages there are out there? satan loves to target marriage - he doesn'twant us to be in agreement about ANYthing if he can help it...
I found this site looking for help for someone who is a Christian, and is addicted to online porn sites. I don't think your husband is alone - this is a really big problem according to some of the stuff I've found. I mean, BIG problem - and it's such a pit of filth that no one wants to get in there and start cleaning it out. It's intimidating, it's scary, and who wants to give up all-sex, all-the-time? Doesn't matter if it's empty, or meaningless, it's GRATIFYING to the flesh.

Not sure if this is the right place to go into what I've found... why don't you e-mail me?

God bless you and your husband and your marriage... what God has put together, let no man rend asunder... and no woamn either.
with God all things are possible

Believe that when you truly repent and in faith know that you are forgiven, that whatever you should ask your Heavenly Father in Jesus' name, He will give.

With God all things are possible - especially the putting back together of your family....