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Hey Guys,
Hope you are all doing ok , it has been a little while since I have last been on here. Just wanted to ask something small, wow I never thought I'd be asking for people to pray about my life situation.

A few weeks ago my husband lost his work due to no fault of his own, the resturant where he worked was forced to close due to poor bussiness. So since then he has been pretty much at home. These days since being back at home I have noticed how sad and depressed he has become. Already suffering with pyschotic depression myself, I am now starting to feel a little afraid that he is going to end up the same way as me. Although I do eat medication for my depression I do not want him to slip fall down the same road and system as I did. The most important thing is that my husband's depression doesn't get any worser than what it is now. I am so afraid that he might get in the same state I did six months ago and be severely medicated as I am now. Please pray that he doesn't end up like me!


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Hi Francesca, one doctor tell me that if you have some sun light and some exercise to release some stresses and disappointment there're more chance that you will feel better. God Blesses You and your husband. And plz don't worry about life too much because life is too short for worrying and feeling depress.

Francesca, I pray you are encouraged by knowing that you and your husband will be held up in prayer. God bless you, and fill your home and your lives with the life changing breath of His Spirit, in Jesus name.

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