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Depression SUCKS

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Army Wife, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Does anyone here have depression?

    I have depression, Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD.

    I get depressed A LOT.

    What do you do for your depression that doesn't have to do with medicine.
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  2. Just realize when you look into the mirror, you aren't really who you think you are. You are a spiritual being made by God. He is not capable of making mistakes. Internally and externally, you were created for a greater purpose than any physical or mental problem you may have. Spiritually, that purpose is sealed in a future perfection, for which, we are all the same. I am not disagreeing that you suffer from depression, we all do from some extent to another, some less and ,unfortunately, some more than others. I know this is a harsh example but, think about a person who has no limbs, how they must suffer at times. Have courage, as a true "born again" Christian, we must all realize that a greater reward awaits us and, that we all will be cured someday of all our imperfections.
    Pray to God for help and be sure you get help from an appropriate Doctor if that is what you are led to do!
    God Bless
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  3. Oh please don't get it wrong. I am so blessed and I know people have it worst then me I just have a really hard time dealing with all this and sometimes my faith gets shakened. I hope (someday soon) I am healed of my physical and mental issues but if I'm not then I know I have a reason to be here. Right now I don't know what that is.
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  4. aw, pray in tongues as much as you can, and then see what God can do
  5. Practical ideas: some of them may be useful. I had a bout of depression that lasted about 18 months quite a few years back. Not too serious on the scale of things, but a very hard time indeed for me.

    • Prayer is a big deal. If you cannot find the words to pray at the moment, then maybe use written prayers - psalms, or a traditional prayer book.
    • Try talking therapy (counselling)
    • Take note of what helps lift you. For me exercise made a difference. It may be something else that's good for you.
    • Be kind to yourself. If it's a struggle to get out of bed due to depression, and you manage to get on with the day, congratulate yourself. It's not easy and you are keeping going.
    • Lots of people give lots of advice. Remember that while it may all be well-meaning, not all of it will be wise advice.
    • Job 3 is surely the most miserable chapter in the Bible. When I first read it, I felt less alone.
    • See if you can get some support for Army Husband as well as Army Wife.
    • God really, really loves you, and he understands you perfectly. Trust him.
    Honestly, ditch any of these (except the last one) if they don't feel right for you. I pray that God will bring healing to you soon.
  6. ok well I never had ptsd or borderline but I have encountered depression.

    I would say keep looking up even when you lying in bed.
    The sun is still shining behind the clouds.
    Its hard, but learn to lean on your faith and hope in God rather than feelings. Feelings can come and go. Remember Jesus is the rock, even if you hit rock bottom, He is there!!!
  7. Lord knows just how many lonely people they are. We try to remedy the loneliness by others, pets, doing things, looking forward to things, buying things, being greedy and thinking you have power over loneliness, doing tasks, hobbies or not, and careers that turn us into work-a-holistic, sexual permissiveness, and in a combination of one or two things that I have listed above and also others contrived out of hysteria. If you don't know the secret that drives you so then one become a criminal of them self or against others. If you do know the secrete that drives you it is then all about hysteria until you control it instead of it controlling you.
    The above is purely in human context. If you want to save ALOT of time you should let God and his son guide your wisdom and daily life. It is sad but true that even here one can become a person that puts I in the center. This is the result of temptation. When tempted by temptation wait on the Lord and let the helper or Holy Spirit lead you out. They will lead you EVEN WHILE YOU STRUGGLE WITH SIN until you discover what it is THEY want you to learn. At this point LET IT AND DO NOT GO BACK...give it up to the lord. If after you have truly learned THEIR lesion(s) and still the devil will not leave you alone.......just say God help me and HE will if you truly believe in His wisdom.... and then the devil and his wilds will disappear until the next chink of your armor is exposed.
    I have included something here that I wrote and carry in my billfold. I also have it displayed in picture frame on the mantle. Gird you loins this will help mightily.
  8. I would say I have more Anxiety then Depression but I still do have some.

  9. How old are you Julie? What are you most anxious about ? Do you take medicine?
    Yes,there is a difference between anxiety and depression. Anxiety can be actually one of the positive emotional responses that all humans have, It is the minds way of warnings of a over-stressful or even dangerous situation. Problems begin when and if you pay no heed to the warning or you DECIDE to continue. It is YOUR decision. There is a such of thing as Positive stress. For example going someplace that you have to going to work on time. It tells us things like how the date or etc. is going is going. No reason to panic unless you want to or you have to (like in self-defense)
    Non-Clinical Depression is when you see no hope in a situation. A person must be diligent in order to cope as to not talk themselves into depression. Believe it or not some people that are not diligent and actually talk them into depression to relieve themselves of all self responsibility or self accountability. This allows them to feel better, but not always, is a self-destructive behavior. This too is a conscious decision you make....I have to admit playing a sad song makes me feel not so alone in my troubles. But the song ends but you don't. This is called identification with others and we all need it.
    I hope this helps. I hope I did not get too wordy.
  10. I am 24 and fresh out of college as of December 2015. I just have anxiety and I do take medication for it however there are situations that I can not handle without needing it. Actually Anxiety can also lead to people being debilitated by it I know people who have it worse then I do. I know Depression and Anxiety are different but I see a lot of people who have both in tandem.
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  11. Oh,.wow. Just out of college. That is enough to make anyone anxious and then depressed. Be strong I remember the days of just starting out. God bless you! What degree do you have?
    Yes, one leads to another. Not knowing where to look for a job....when to go, how much do you want something............disappointment...........what relationship to get into.. Suffice it to say; I will happy to be here for you anyway I can.You will be in my prayers Julie.
    What is the name of your medication If you do not mind saying.
    God bless you.

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  12. Hi @Army Wife , I sure do, and have been diagnosed with the same. I don't take meds either as I tried, but didn't like not feeling like myself. LOL, now that's a funny statement since sometimes myself is depressed;) But I am doing pretty good without drugs/antidepressants, whatever.

    One thing I've done, is work towards being more active, eating nutritious foods, and staying away from things that tend to "not" be uplifting. I know life goes on, and especially you being a military wife, I can't relate to the hard things you deal with. For my "hard things" though, I play uplifting music, and the most uplifting I hear is on KLOVE. I can't watch sad movies, read sad books, or listen to sad music. Walking can sometimes snap me out of a spell, but sometimes, I have to just hold onto the Lord, and stay still. If I can't escape the feelings, I hold onto to the Lord.

    If I don't do that, I can slip further and further away from Him. But you know, sometimes I do, and I have to veg for a time, and I do end up out of it, obviously. I do think foods can help, vegies, fruits, proteins, whole grains, nuts, seeds, oils. And again, exercise of some sort. I started out walking, and that will help, anything that makes you work, will help. Just want to repeat that I stay where there is positive conversation, positive music, positive books. Mostly, and I believe this with all my heart, God does lift me out in His time, and in His way:)

    I almost feel some of these things I have are a lack of staying close to Him. He gives us brains to use too, and we can take care of our temples:) I was thinking yesterday, that yes, God says our bodies are temples.

    1 Corinthians 6:19-20New King James Version (NKJV)
    19 Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? 20 For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

    Another cool thing that came to me was that as a man-made temple, it isn't to be worshipped, but it is to be hold the worshipper, and to worship the God that lives in us, and is there where any are gathered in His name. It's God's temple:)
  13. God's meds for depression are psalm 1
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  14. I agree that reading verses from the bible is at the top of the "cure" list, as well as prayer. But I have to tell you also, that with my depression at least, my thoughts turn to utter, and no-way-out, darkness. I feel as if I am overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness that seems real. I know intellectually, it is never hopeless with the Lord. Problem is, I cannot even reach for Him. It's those times, and I have survived so far, that He absolutely does it for me. That is my belief. I can't read, I can't even reach for the bible. It's almost physical. There was a time I could not get up and walk out my door to my neighbors. No drugs involved here, just could not move.

    Now a lot of people may read this and want to give all their ideas on what could cause that. But the point is, there is a point I've gotten to where nothing "I can do" will get me out of that depression. I know that part in the bible that says:

    New International Version
    "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans."

    When I can't even talk to Him?? This verse always comes to me later, and I know how I got through, I didn't, He carried me.
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  15. believer1952, that was a word from the Lord...He knows what's happening with you now
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  16. Army Wife, I FULLY Understand! Having served two tours in Vietnam myself, I know what horror is.Horror and mortal terror! Like you, I had great depression and could never hold a job! I looked to overcome this depression by being and staying angry at most everyone! It is what most of us who have had P.T.S.D. do,because of the constant pain in our mindset we are in.

    No one understands me,everyone seems against me, etc...After finally at age 22 becoming a believer,Holy Spirit gave me 2 Tim to read,he did this because as a soldier, we can better then most understand this mindset. Only 4 chapters,but what power,and what wonderful truth! After studying this, Holy Spirit took me to my tongue, the book of James 3 Speaking slow,and hearing what I am saying myself about myself, so that we can understand how to speak to others!! ( Col 4:6)

    Then to how Jesus choose to see us all, and how God himself keeps his peace with each of us!( Phil 4:7-9!!) We are a work in progress sis,we always will be!( Phil 1:6) But make no mistake!!! If you will follow what to do,rather then being in fear of what never to do,you will mature as i have! For it is the very spirit of fear which causes us depression to start with,I would make tons of excuses to myself as to why I was this way,but Jesus took away my excuses!

    A soldier knows the difference between pride and boldness in the Lord! Boldness is spoken because of a finished work,pride looks to continue in a work! ( 1 Cor 1:30-31) Also Army Wife we all need support! Find a good loving Church who understands the very foundation of love!( Eph 3:17-19!!) We are not created to fail sis,but rather to overcome!!

    Our mindset must change in order to overcome!( Rom 12:1-2) The question I had to answer myself, was am I going to do it?? Or continue as I am and stay where i am. STAY!!!! In the WORD DAILY!!!( not yelling at you sis,using large words to show importance!) A MUST!! I overcame,and if I can, anyone can!!!

    Jesus is bigger then anything!!!( Luke 1:37!) No more do i use the words try or can't! Try never did anything! If I tossed you a coin to catch, you will either catch it,or not,there is no try! You of course understand why there is no try! As an Army Wife you already understand the need daily to overcome! All you need know is to act upon what you already know as i did! It takes time sis,it sure did not happen for me overnight,but with, and in Jesus our Lord,we can do all things through him who strengths us!

    We either believe this and overcome,or doubt and do without.To me sis It became just that simple! My prayers and love in Christ Jesus are with you! It is not if you can,but rather when! That my dear sister becomes the mind of the OVERCOMER!!!!! THROUGH our most wonderful Lord Jesus!! ( Psalm 27:13!!!) God is good, because God is just that good sis, everyday and yes in every way,all he asks of us, is to believe!!( John 6:28-29!!)
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  17. Truly an awesome witness, thank you for sharing it.
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