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Demonic dreams?

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by ServantOfYHWH, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. I'm posting this because I'm somewhat disturbed. I've been getting these dreams with a strong demonic influence, and just last night I had a dream about two demons trying to scare me, one was pointing at me and mocking me, I didn't use the name of Jesus in the dream. I've been having these types of dreams for quite some time, since I was little. I've been reading things about people saying these are familiar spirits or tormenting spirits and I need to seek help? I'd just like to know, does anyone else experience these types of dreams often? Thanks and God bless!
  2. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I'm sure someone will post some relevant scriptures to help you get through these attacks, but what I can add is, although I don't have demonic dreams, I do have very disturbing, disgusting thoughts that I know are from satan himself. I immediately rebuke these thoughts and demand my mind and brain to obey Christ. In Jesus' name, I tell them to get out of my head and mind and leave me alone. I have no idea why I have these thoughts, but I know what the scriptures say about the devil being after us night and day (in my own words there). He absolutely is.

    You're not crazy or possessed. Your probably a great Christian who's being attacked by satan. Luckily the fight is already won: Jesus is our warrior and has won this fight against satan, demons, and hell 2,000 years ago. Just remember and know that He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.
  3. Thanks, Chad. I've never tried fasting for this.
  4. Thank you Chad, I think that's a very good idea, it's the only thing I can do I think at this point. Thank you both for your feedback! God bless
  5. I pray this helps

    Medication or lack of O2 to the brain, ( to much carbon monoxide, gas leaks, severe alergic reactions to household polutants), can often cause fitful sleep and dreams... On the Spiritual side I always suggest reading and meditating on the the Lord's Prayer just before trying to sleep...

  6. Such as you mention cannot torment unless we first give access. In your life history someone has given access to such...........and you suffer today as a result.

    In your profile you inform us that you are Christian, and you know Jesus as Saviour, therefore you walk in His ways and follow Him.

    To be rid of the torment....raise your voice.....yes speak out loud.....and rebuke the tormenting spirit in Jesus Name. If you are baptised in the HOly Ghost speak in tongues also as you rebuke........and peace will quickly follow.

    "All power is given unto me..........." said Jesus Hallelujah Shout His Name and you will rid your home, life, and all else you desire, of all that would spiritually restrict....

    God Bless You.........
  7. I remember dreams like that, I honestly admit, it really scared me, but God calms me down and makes me feel safe, How beautiful and merciful is He!

    Have you been going to church lately? Have you been receiving the Holy Communion?
    John 6:56
    "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him."

    John 6:53
    "Jesus said to them, "I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you."

    Pray, Read the Bible, Attend church and receive His blood and His body, and you'll probably stop having this demonic attacks, just ask Him to help you, just ask with faith.

    Demons fool us because we have no experince enough to fight them, or understand their ways, they can even take the form of angels, my guess is that you are a good fighter, that's why they think your dreams are their last resort, prove them they have no resort at all, Jesus is inside you, He's all around you, He's everywhere.
  8. I sometimes have demonic dreams and the worship leader at church gave me this tip.

    First rebuke them out loud.. and when you go to bed, place a copy of the bible or the New Testament under your pillow.. place you hand on it and pray. Ask God to wrap you in His arms and keep you safe and free from the demons that stalk you in your dreams.

    It works for me every time.
    I find that whenever I take on another project or ministry for the Lord, that I get attacked from every angle.. from people on boards even, and certainly in my dreams, but then I put that Bible under the pillow and ask for His intervention, and it works every time..

    Blessings to you,
  9. Do I plead the Blood or reach 4 popcorn?

    Wow, i had a doozie, the world was a mess. I stood at my front door exchanging coins with Obama's head on them (I collect coins) suddenly in the park in front of my home kids started running scared from something then I saw them, sort of tall black and white clad rebel soldiers from the civil war, but the dream was in colour. I handed the coins in through the mail slot as they came. They saw me, they started pulling on me, I pulled back and wacked 'em one with my book, it might have been my book of Calvin's Sermons. Then. Cut to dusk and trashy alleys. broken glass covered streets and smoke in the auburn sky. these demons wouldn't give up. I found a freiend of like mind and we hopped from rooftop to garden wall - to back-yard. I remember saying there's always a place for the saints who've been be-headed for the name of Christ (Rev.20:4 i think) He said yea bro' but here they come and I wanna live. We evaded them some more, found a house and a set of their sickening clothes (top-hats with herringbone vests dark jackets with tails (Beetle juice? but not) these were like the wild rebels in a sick civil war movie. Finally we got split up and I was running one right behind me I twisted and turned then hunkerd down and played possum. I heard footfalls getting closer - then as the woosh of a dagger began to descend I sprung up from a balled up position and speared him right up in belly and out the back. To Be Cont.
  10. Yes, rebuke satan with your voice! Use the Word of God against him! Also, playing praise and worship music as you sleep helps. Of course, don't play it loud. Anything that has Jesus' name. Even listening to the Bible while you sleep would work.

    I have had really weird dreams...things that weren't godly. I remember one time waking up from a dream with the name Jesus on my lips. I can't remember if I said it outloud or not, but it is the most powerful name!

    Seeking guidance from a pastor/minister will help, too.

    The reason praise and worship helps is that satan hates it and he doesn't want us to praise Jesus! If he gets us to where we stop praising Jesus, he got us right where he wants us! BUT if we praise Jesus...what a GREAT woupon!

    There were other things said that are great, too! Once you find something that works for you, stick to it!

    As long as Jesus is your focus, satan can't get you.
  11. Dreams

    Ahh Yes, reading the word before bed-time. Funny though. More than a couple of times that is exactly when my worst dreams would strike. And I wasn't reading Daniel or Revelations, either. Sometimes I would see a dark silhouette standing at my bedroom door, and I knew this "person" wanted to kill me. I was so scared I was absolutely paralyzed. I'll try and respond to those of you who have been so kind as to e-mail me.:shock::shock:
  12. You're not alone, I've had them too. The last one was that the Devil, who was a leader of a cult, deceived me into signing the paper to join. As I was looking at my name on that paper I realised that the devil doesn't have his way no matter what I sign because I gave my life to Jesus. So I looked up to the devil and said "you're wrong because I have Jesus Christ". And the devil looked at me and said in a mocking voice "I know that Jesus guy, he's the one who said he died for everyone's sin". And I said yes, and then woke up.

    I don't think it's unusual that we christians have these dreams. We are on alert all the day long from things of the devil and it can be in our subconcious sleep. Before going to bed ask Jesus to send you dreams. God bless!
  13. #14 Maureen, Dec 26, 2008
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2008
    I've only ever had one, which was very recently.
    I actually woke myself up out of it, you'll never guess how, by howling, yes I was howling out loud, and it was only on the 3rd howl that I woke up, I remembered it quite vividly too.

    I was howling to chase away the demons.

    I didn't like it, and when I had to explain to my husband, and him not saved yet, wondering how he'd react, but he was fine, never made anything of it, just laughted, but I don't think they are laughing matter.

    I wouldn't like to have these repeatedly though, please God.
  14. Dreams

    Thanks guys for your help and prayers. I was readin the word again and drifted off... There was a robed cleric of some sort standing on a podium delivering a speach. All my neighbors were standing among the crowd listening intently. He seemed to be laying down the law. "from now on you must bow down to our god" was the gist of it. This continued till dusk. I could see a sliver of a moon in the suns afterglow. I could see many stars even though it was still dusk.
    As the cleric dressed in white and black started raising the tenor of his voice, his countenance became more foreboding to me so I slowly started drifting away from the crowd. I heard screams, I turned back and there was a large meteor flying accross the sky. As it's arc led into the crescent moon, the trail of smoke obscured the moon. then a moment later it crashed into earth. Suddenly panic ensued. I had made it as far as a local interstate Hwy, and almost looking from above I could see torrents of melted ice and mud carrying bodies, cars, even motorcycles down what now became a grisly river.
    I managed to reach higher ground, but felt uncomfortable with the type of people who were there. I decided to leave the town. I found my way to a pastoral and idyllic setting, on a slowly turning road that led to a small hillside town. The cobble stone streets flowed with crystal clear water. There was no evidence of anything dreadful.
    I met an old couple who were just sitting in front of their home and the man, being friendly, showed me his back yard. It overlooked a beautiful valley covered with purple flowers. He mentioned that the town needed help rebuilding, and gave me some masonry tools in a leather bag. I stayed a while then I was off to the town that looked like it had been destroyed thousands of years before. It was weird seeing row-houses and 20th century buildings looking like ancient ruins. I drank from a spring and was envigorated to work. I even saw some who had gone on ahead of me helping out. WOW

    I think we're all getting a glimpse of something, lest we be unprepared for the masters' coming.

    I've read others' and I've heard other friends speak of such dreams, some even turned white when I mentioned a certain part of my dream and couldn't fathom it.

    They seemed to be having a similar dream(s).

    in the last days there would be scoffers - and they seem to be right on time. Also Your young men will dream dreams and others will have visions.

    I think were here folks - I'm not a kook - I never had this type of dream activity before. I am no longer looking for signs

    I'm listening for the trumpets, folks. It's been 722,000 days since the Messiah had been "cut off" thats 2005 (360 day) years.
  15. Greetings to you in Jesus wonderful name,

    i only just came across your thread now about your dreams and thought i would still share anyway.

    I have had many dreams about demons, i still dream about them but not as often and this is what i have learned over the years:-

    - When you are doing actual combat with them (i believe) the Lord is using your spirit to actually fight them in the spirit realm - in one of these dreams i remember laughing out loud (in the dream) because i knew an angel was doing the fighting and God was just telling me what motions to do.

    - I have had dreams where i would rise to a semi-concious state, i would still be asleep but aware enough to try to wake my husband up so he could wake me up. (hope that makes sense to you) but all that would come out of my mouth were groans, but it would be enough to awake my husband and he would shake me and wake me, and boy did i blast those demons of fear with the Word of God then!!

    - God helped me that when i have those dreams i can say the name of Jesus in my mind over and over and i got to a stage where i could also rebuke them in that state.

    -i realised that i had objects and ornaments in my home that are contact points for demons...i.e. children's toys of spiderman, demonic ugly looking plastic toy figurines, comics with demon looking characters, smurfs, pokemon cards or anything similar, gnomes (usually in ones garden), any egyptian arts or crafts, the phoenix, egyptian heads, wizards, wiches, fairies, when i buy a magazine i usually tare out the horoscope page and chuck it, i do not keep any images or pictures of the horoscorpes in our home. There are many things one can look out for, i am sure u could ask chad to help you get a list of these things or google for them.

    -any african works of art, masks, tables, animals - the witchdoctors and sangomas pray for favor over these carvings to be sold and we all know they are not praying to the only true living God!!! so the source of their so called 'blessings of favor' on these items are actually a curse.

    -Watch what you watch, what movies are you watching before bedtime, anything scary or demonic is also an open door for the spirit of fear to harass you.

    -If you are walking in unforgiveness or bitterness this is also an open door for satan to steal your peace from your sleep time.

    -God could be warning you of things to pray for in your future, He could be showing you of wrong things in your life now.

    -When you pray, break all curses, spells and negative words of death spoken over you and declare that they will be null and void and never bear fruit in your life in Jesus mighty name.

    -Break all ungodly soul ties in your life with the power of the blood of Jesus and in the mighty name of Jesus -you don't know if a great grandfather or mother was into fortune telling or tea reading or something like that and that curse must be broken in your life.

    -And of course i pray for a spirit of discernment from Father God for you in Jesus name. amen Hope this helps

    Psalm 127 end of vs 2...for He grants sleep to those He loves
    Psalm 4:8 I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone O Lord make me dwell in safety.

    God bless you in every area of your life, may you bear much fruit for the Lord in Jesus name.
  16. Where in the Bible does it say objects can bring demons in a home? Unfortunately a lot of newspapers and magazines have horoscopes inside and these could be in our homes unawares. But I don't apply my life to them so I don't see how that could invite a demon to my christian home.
    Smurfs? Are we talking about the little blue creatures?
  17. #18 mrgreenjeans, Dec 30, 2008
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2008

    I think Giggles and others who simply say rebuke Satan out loud are quite correct and straight-froward.
    However I concur with Mouse in that, mere objects are not "channelers".
    There seems to be a lot of superstition in the post from Beam although i love ya in the LORD and thank you for your advise. I shall be as a Berean and Test the Spirits.

    I think what has happened is that my dreams and visions of dark figures standing at my bedroom door have changed.

    I feel the last one I had is a testiment to good advise working because the last one was a source of comfort and warning.

    I find that "people" with critical spirits who mock God tend to affect things.

    As far as TV goes I really do not watch any - it's garbage and I don't want that **** renting space in my head. I think Beam mentioned that.

    You know what??? I think Iv'e put something together.
    Whenever I truly step out in faith. Or do a project for the church which eddifies people greatly. Or when I am really gettin' deep deep deep into the word of Our Lord Jesus . . . THATS when the attacks begin!!

    THANKS Folks!
  18. It is written in Joel 2 v 28
    And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

    That is when satan is at his best or worst work, after we have glorified our Lord Jesus. It really angers him so.
    Perhaps he thinks he will scare us off by doing so, but we who are buried with Christ have much more staying power.
  19. i think that it would be a good thing to remember that it is most likely not satan himself. he cannot be more than one place at once and he does not know your thoughts. god created him and therefore god is more powerful than he.

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