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Deception and harm in the internet - Part I

Here I would like to talk a little about the harm internet could do to anyone esecially youngsters.

Internet is one of the most important happening these days. There is virtuly nothing that cannot be done through this amazing piece of technology. Unfortunatly there are many evil people who misuse. Here I am not talking about the various virus, spyware and adwares created by a bunch of fools. While these people sit creating pain in our necks there a bunch of other totally evil people who create certain things on the net that are much , much, much worse. Here are some that I have noticed:

Pornography. There are many sites that store up porn pictures, videos, games, and animations for their visitors. Let us just consider this verse:
"(Matt.5:32) But I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except for immorality, makes her commit adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery."
We see that when a man does a small thing as divorce he becomes a sinner who is resposible for leading to sin the woman he divorced as well as the man who might marry that woman. That means he sins and also leads two other people aslo into sin.

Thinking in this angle can you imagine how sinfull the owner of a site will be. Lets see"
  • First he is a sinner for thinking up such an evil idea for earning some money.
  • Then he leads to sin all the models whome he use to poses for his pictures.
  • Then all the photographers who takes snap for him,
  • Then all videographers who shot all
    the prono videos for him,
  • Then all the actors who acts in them
  • Then all the artist who draws pronos for him
  • Then the entire team of animators who do his prono animation movis
  • Then the entire team of programmers who program they prono games
  • Then all the countless visitors who visit the sight.
We see that such people are great sinners with whome we are not suppose to inlvolve ourself in any way.

This is indeed a huge problem. I have typed in a .com quite innocently and have had something pornographic come up. I dont know how our children can avoid it entirely. I sure do favor parental controls although I am not confident of the reliability of it
This is indeed a huge problem. I have typed in a .com quite innocently and have had something pornographic come up. I dont know how our children can avoid it entirely. I sure do favor parental controls although I am not confident of the reliability of it

><> ><> One Christian web site I was on got hijacked by soft or hard porn. I didn't stop to check. :shock:
I hope to make it the rule that I will never stop to check''it'' out what ever. Temptation usually comes through the eyes.
An elementary teacher I once knew had her class do an assignment about the White House. She brought them to the internet and typed in the whitehouse homepage address, and by accident typed ".COM" instead of ".GOV". That one error brought up a porn site for all the elementary children to see.

And that goes for a lot of the popular website addresses, if you're one letter off it can bring you to porn.
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My niece was using the computer one day when she typed in an address and hard porn came up she paniced and shut down the computer, of course the next person to use the computer was my Father and it turned very nasty when he was greated by hard porn, he was furious and my niece was banned from the computer untill i explained it was not her fault and she had not meant to bring up that site.

It is so easy to happen so now all of her sites are checked out first before she can view them. It is hidden just about everywere these days and parents just have to approve the site first and even at that it can still sneak in.
The same thing happened to my daughter. We don't let her use the browser anymore.
I put all her sites in a folder in my favorite places, and she gets them from there. The
family computer is in our dining room, so everybody can see what's going on. We have
to guard our children so carefully.
Thanks for posting that, I think parents are blind to what really goes on in those sites.
FYI for all you parents out there... they found 28,000 registered sex offenders on MySpace.

wow that is so scary


What is safe?

I am now listening to youtube in another window while posting here. A while back I opened my own channel on youtube and formed a list of childrens songs for my boys. The idea was that they could only click on the songs in that list, But when they view the song, There are always random advertizments on the side of the page anyway. You never know what they may see, So I use it for background music and searching comedy and documentries. My sons cannot get near it.

I have to be honest and say that it must be a great undertaking in order to keep a site such as this safe? I am bringing my sons in here once I can find a way to stop them going elsewhere
It's a team effort brother AMK. Brother Chad, the administrator and owner of this site set forth rules which I believe he prayed about long and hard. They may seem strict at times, but they are the best way to keep inline according to what Jesus taught us.

I have started a thread about it a while ago, but this site also has the capability of a community effort, by means of people reporting bad posts. You will see to the top right of every post there is a red button, you click that and type a short message.

If a moderator or brother Chad is online, it will be reviewed and action will be taken.

The internet is a means of spreading the Gospel, but it also creates a place where people think they have no recourse for their actions, which is sad.

God bless
Much love
Faithful Son


But yet...

Dear brother, I reply in good faith and with a love for my lord and savour Jesus christ. I pray that as you read this that it does not offend you or anyone else for that is not the intention. God bless

I like this site already, Partly because of the strictness, But yet I am wondering that because of my imperfectness and ability to make mistakes, I might be banned on the spot, without a warning or a second chance even?

Chad posts a link to all the new members encouraing them to read the rules, guidlines. I have seen sites in the past close because of heated debates. Gossip ect. So I understand why Chad is being so careful and I know much prayer had to go into this.

What bothers me is that there are many who cannot communicate in the same calm level as other here? Is this a site just for the calm chrstians?
Even those who pray first can still error. I presume not, But my impression is get angry and you are out?

One of the best pieces of information that I have seen from Chad is: "Pray before you post". Thats good advice. Should be framed and posted everywhere.
I wasn't always a moderator on this forum brother AMK. I was a confused young Christian at first. I became angry at a time and I was corrected with love. My advice to you, don't think "ifs" or "buts" concerning the rules. The moderators and brother Chad are real people, we aren't robots, so each and every person is treated according to the rules and accodring to the individual circumstance.

The rules say this:

Infractions / Banning

Your account will be closed if you break any of the rules and get 3 infractions. You get a warning first time. Please respect the community. Its a privilege to be here, not a right. Pride is not welcomed. You get banned immediately if you curse, insult someone else, preach anything outside of Scripture purposely.


Love :)

Well thankyou dear brother for this wonderful correction and such words of love, It is such a blessing to see other brothers and sisters in christ reach out in love to one and other. May god bless you and others on this site who follow your example.

An added note for everyone else reading this thread:Facebook is another place to keep your kids away from. Your older kids too if possible. The problem with most sites is that anyone can regester, Therefor encourage your kids not to use those site. or better still ask your children not to register with anything before you confirm it.

may god be with you all
I do not have permission from Jennifer to post this but I pray God forgive me & bless the readers of this stolen post.

Written by Jennifer Smith

This is the story of my last days at home with my family. I want to tell this story because it is my hope that it can help someone see the affect that this has on families, especially the children. I write none of this with malice or ill intent toward my mother and father and I hope all read this in the spirit in which I intend it.

There are things in here that may make some people feel that I am “airing family laundry”. Sometimes that has to happen in order for others to see and understand. My parents have both “shared their testimony” in chat rooms and message boards all across the Internet. They have also left many things out of their story as well. Jennifer

A World With No Faces

When I was 16, my best friend was moving to Alaska. Our parents knew how close we were and were trying to make the separation easier so they purchased computers so that we could keep in touch using email. This would ultimately be cheaper than the long distance phone bills that could easily be accrued.

At first, the Internet seemed to be fun and we could talk whenever we wanted to. However, over the next few weeks’ things begin to change. My parents began to explore the Internet world so my friend and I just spoke on the telephone (although less frequently), abandoning the computer all together. Her parents and mine seemed to be on-line all of the time anyway and it was easier to just talk and not have to type everything in.

I was the oldest of six children. My brother was 13, two twin sisters who were 10, another sister who was 9 and a younger brother who was 7. One can only imagine the task it is to handle six children in that age grouping. It is a full time job so my mother didn’t work regardless of our financial problems. Nonetheless my mom was constantly on the computer. In the beginning, it was while my brothers and sisters were in school. Then she would take a break for a while until they went to bed. Then she would be on it all night and into the early morning. Then it began to run into the time when my brothers and sisters were home. Before long people “needed” her during that time as well. I was home-schooled at that time but was always cheating and skipping my work. I just wanted to get through the day so that I could get out of the house. It was easy to do because no one really checked anything that I did anyway.

In time, it didn’t even matter when the kids came home from school. Mother would sometimes take a break long enough to get them in the door but then it would only be a short time before she let everyone know that she had someone waiting for her on the computer.

To me the lack of supervision seemed to be a rather nice benefit. I decided to test the waters just to see how far I could go. I had a baby-sitting job and figured that this would be a good time to sneak around with my boyfriend. I would tell my mom that I had to work until whatever time but would only work until noon. The rest of the day I could spend at my boyfriend’s house. I didn’t do this every day but I did do this often and I got away with it. This continued for a couple of months or so but then, the mother lost her job. That just meant that I had to figure out other ways to do what I wanted.

One day I told my boyfriend to skip school and come by the house. We lived in a large trailer that didn’t have skirting around it. He could just hide underneath until he could sneak in. I convinced my mom to go to the store and sneaked him into the house. As soon as she returned from the store, I knew that she would get back on her computer. She did. She never knew that I had him in my bedroom. While she was busy on the computer, I was having sex in my own house in my own bed. No one the wiser... mom had her new world and I was busy creating mine.

When my dad was home, we had to be careful. That didn’t last long however. My dad decided to get another computer so that both he and my mom could be on the computer at the same time. The kids and I were now on our own for the most part. We could do whatever we wanted to do. When they were home, they were on-line now. It never ceased. It was clear this new world of cyber-space had become a normal part of our family. When we ate supper, we heard of all these newfound friends. Not real names but names such as mudpuppy, amazzin, jellyroll, and bottledwater. When we asked, “have you ever seen these people?” the answer was always “no.” People with no faces replaced the faces that sat in front of them every night at the dinner table. We no longer talked about how my day was nor my other five brothers and sisters. We sat down to meals prepared between ICQ messages and chat room discussions.

My friends would come to the house and all of the sudden my mother showed no interest in them. My friends thought they were freaks so I just stopped having people over. I would find somewhere else to go. The house was a horrible mess. The kids wouldn’t clean because they were little. My mom didn’t clean unless someone was coming over. That was my job. During the day, I would clean and during the nights, I would wander from friend’s house to friend’s house. My parents didn’t talk to each other much anymore. Their computers were ten feet away from each other. They would talk to each other through ICQ or in a Chat room. We didn’t hear them discuss much of anything any longer. What we heard was that constant tapping of their keyboards; a sound that I grew to despise. It is like that sound had engraved itself inside of my head. I could be out of the house and I would hear the unsettling rhythm pounding in my head only interrupted by the sound of a cuckoo clock as their ICQ signaled them that someone else was requesting their presence.

I remember one night when the kids and I had just came home from church. Right inside the was my mother; typing one the computer... a few feet away sat my dad, typing on the computer. I began to hate the computer. I would lay in my bed and wonder what they would do if one night I got out of bed and went into the room with a ball bat and smashed their computers. Beat them until all that was left of their beloved world was bits and pieces. Then I had a picture in my head that followed and made me even angrier.

I could see my mom, bent over the broken machine, weeping over it like a mother who lost a child. I pictured my dad getting the ball bat and beating me with a rage and the hate that I had for his computer. Furious because I took something from him that he adored so much. I, unlike many of my friends, had two parents and yet I was an orphan. Every night I would literally cry myself asleep, wishing that my parents could love me the way that they loved their computers.

My mom seemed to be really down for a while now. One day she came into the room to talk to me. You could tell by the look on her face that it was serious. I could see tears begin to form in her eyes. What she said afterwards had the same effect as if she would have kicked me full in the chest. She told me that she didn’t love my dad any longer and that she didn’t know what was going to happen. She just told me that and then said, “so be ready.”

BE READY my mind was screaming! How can I BE READY? I began to think of the times that we used to have. When we would all sit at the table and just have fun. One of them gone... how were the kids going to take all of this? Everything was falling apart. I began to cry, not understanding why God would let this happen. Why was I born into this family?

My hate turned into rage and spite that day. I would strike out at most anything from that point on, often in a fit of violent rage. Against my parents, siblings, friends, and mostly God. I no longer saw my parents as my mom and dad. They were only two people that lived in the same house as I did. I began to even wish that my parents would die so I didn’t have to put up with this any longer. I prayed every night that God would find me new parents... ones that would care about me and ones that actually loved each other.

(A warning ---to me first):shock:
Page 8 - Worldwithnofaces.org
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