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Debate with Atheists

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So I am a little depressed today. I ran across a blog by Atheists and got into a blog conversation with the group. I was very polite and I had good answers for their attacks. I stated that my mission wasn't to condemn or to preach or criticize I mearly wanted to state the case that God is real and they are taking a huge risk if they are wrong. That they should not give up on searching for the truth. My posts were quite lengthy in answering their various attack on different subjects. Ultimatly I as called an idiot that my intelligience was less than average and that I needed to broaden my horizons and that I needed to move on because they didn't want to hear any irrational talk about God.

Nothing they said made any dent on my own belief, it actually helped me to be able to share things of God I have learned with others. I didn't have any delusions of converting the whole group. I just guess I am a little depressed today at the hatred I could see in all of their posts and criticizisms.
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God bless you for standing up for the Lord.

Psalms 14:1
"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.." KJV
I know how it feels to be rejected by an atheist. It's an awful feeling.. but you know what? People's cursings are your blessings. So stay strong! Keep fighting the good fight of faith and let nothing move you. As Chad said, Pray for them.. These are the types of people Jesus came to save and so we must love them despite what they do to us or say to us or how bad they make us feel. Our reward is in heaven. You planted your little seed, now God will decide whether it will take root.. Have a little faith!
I have had much fruitless experience debating with atheists. Now it seems a bit like time wasted. But there must be some who are open to the Lord out there; don't be discouraged. Yes you will encounter a lot of very irrational bitterness towards God and towards yourself. That is to be expected brother.
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I think it's great what you did, very strong of you. I'm just new to Christianity and I hope I will find that power to tell this to everybody and also not being afraid of being laughed at. I was once like that, but now I think different about it.
wow! Jesus is not blind nor deaf about anything that's going on. you'll be blessed because of your boldness to share Christ. the Bible speaks that we as believers must also equiped ourselves with wisdom and knowledge that comes from the word of God, readily to give answers to those who ask about the hope that we have.

beloved, i recommend you also get a copy of Norman Geisler and Frank Turek's book "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Athiest"

the problem with skeptics and athiests is that they claim sa boldly to be champions about science, philosophy and logic. but yet they reduce their intellectual construct when it comes to considering heavier evidences and facts about Christianity. there's really a big difference when you choose to be only a spectator of a show than to be part of the show itself. spectators only grumble and give comments without really realizing or experiencing what they're talking about.

take heart Believer! God's on our side, who can be against us? let's just be prayin for these people. yahman! Amen.
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