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Death stops by for a visit

Lives are lived today,with not much thought behind them,we have some friends, which at times we take for granted, even as they do us,same with family,yes the same with most everything.And then one day a sharp pain hits you right in the stomach,so painful that you fall to your knees,and a voice from within begins to speak to you.The answer is yes! You look to struggle to your feet,but can't as yet another pain hits you,right in the same spot!

Again from within, the voice says the answer is yes.You know the question,but you do not wish to speak it! Am I going to die? Death is not a fearful creature! Death looks to cause pain in ones mind to bring one back to there senses. He says,but not yet,I look to give you something you have thought so little of!! TIME!! Time to consider where you are,how much value you believe you have,and how much value you place upon another.Time to consider!

If I give you one month to change your mindset as well as your life to better prepare for me, will you? It is upon this story my own life changed! Yes I am a believer,but as we all know until something really hits you where you live,we are to busy to take much thought upon our ending.Words now matter much more then before,and time I spend with people are as well! For the promise of tomorrow lies in tomorrow,so while we have life within us today,let us make the most out of today!( Proverbs 27:1)

The NEW creature explained to us in ( 2 Cor 5:17-21) is deaths way of providing us with a much better life for today! ( Rev 21:6) and then Rev 2:16) We then receive a true revelation of putting our own flesh to death.( Col 3:5) And the true accountability we obtain in every page of our testimony! Indeed ( Gal 2:20) becomes living now! And good fruit is not only born, but pruned!!( john 15:2-5) VERSE 5!! For apart from ME!!! YOU!!!! can do nothing!

WE realize ( Rom 12:3) that others matter more then self,because Jesus looks for us to prepare them! And we, the servant of the Most High God, can teach this, because we have been taught this by Holy Spirit himself!!( 1 John 2:27) Because brothers and sisters we have passed from death unto LIFE!!!! Because we have love, one for another!!( 1 John 3:14-18!!!!) And now as we walk in this,death passes us by! Until!!!! We finish our new course,and ministry and truly testify solemnly of the gospel of the true grace of our Lord Jesus!!( Acts 20:24)