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dead voice Help?

i sang @ Benny Hinn feb 24th & 25th. All together i sang about 6 hours + the services ( the two nights) . I think i should have gotten over the aftermath. + my mom sang in the choir too. & her voice is fine . I can't even sing i tried it a little bit ago. I can't even sing in my range! I can't even talk! thats how bad it is! I don't know what to do? or do you think the devil caused it for some reason? :confused:
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Steps to take:

1. Praise GOD and thank Him for the opportunity to sing to Him and for His people (church)
2. Ask GOD for healing and discernment.
3. Eat healthy of course :)
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Jesus is Lord!


I studied voice and served as a choir director.

You need to rest your vocal chords for a few days. Talk softly. You will heal. May I suggest that you take voice lessons? It is important to warm up and exercise your vocal chords before you sing (especially for the duration of 6 hours).

Your Sister in Christ,

Dr. Bon Vie
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I saw this thread and worried someone was communing with the dead,where to start on that one?Thankfully thats not the case.If its any cosolation i cant sing at all.My singing is much the same noise as you would get from repeatedly jumping up and down on a cat.
hahahahahahah! Sparky!

Anyways! Umm, last year on a mission trip, I lost my voice to the Lord. Weird, but hard to explain. I was being delivered. Well not delivered, blessed. Any ways, I lost my voice for a week and a half! I could not even humm. We got back on a Thursday morning, and I had to sing on Sunday morning. I was going to sit out, and watch the choir, but someone told me to get up there and praise God anyways. I lipped it!
But anyways, like I was saying, I tried to wisper most of the time, and eventually my voice came back.
No I have no problem singing. Matter of fact, I do not think this is possible, but after that trama to my vocal chords, they are improved trumendously!
I sing a lot better that before, and sometimes I surprise myself at what chords I can hit. So maybe it will be a blessing for you!

God Bless
Sis in Christ:love:
I was with you sparky. I have stopped posting but when I saw this one I thought, "Oh NO! talking to the dead!" Thank the Lord for the innocence of this problem!!!

And like others, have had the same thing to happen. Mine happened while learning to yodel, of all things. (Do you guys know what yodeling is??) I thought the doctor would fall apart laughing. He said he had never seen such a strained mess. But I rested and it healed. The Lord is good and life can be so funny.

God's blessings,


'But let the godly rejoice. Let them be glad in God's presence. Let them be filled with joy. Sing praises to God and to his name! Sing loud praises to him who rides the clouds. His name is the LORD - rejoice in his presence!' Psalm 68:3

Hope you are feeling better soon my darling. :note: ps. If anyone has any sore throats warm lemon squash with water and honey can be good.
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