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Day Lilies at Daybreak

Staff Member
Day Lilies at Daybreak - October 19, 2005

"Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these." Luke 12:27

Their colors are breathtaking, as if a blanket of orange, fuchsia, gold and ruby jewels were strewn over the landscape. Each one, wide open and stretched out to the heavens, soaking up the glorious morning sunshine.

The Bible says, "consider how the lilies grow". Have you ever stopped to watch a day lilly bloom at daybreak? Early one morning, I found myself peeking out the window at the first hues of a breaking dawn. I glanced over and noticed the tightly-closed cluster of orange day lillies that had called my flower bed home. These lilies had been sleeping soundly during the night, finding rest from their day's work. The morning light was just about ready to awaken them. I thought to myself, "I'll just sit here, wait and watch them open. It won't take too long." Boy, was I mistaken!

Soon, a single sunbeam touched the first flower. Then, a second, third and fourth flower received the same gracious wake-up call. But the flowers did not stir. As the sun rose higher, the sunshine became fuller and warmer and finally the first hint of movement began. For the next two hours, the petals finally started to peel away from their resting place and began to stretch open with an extraordinary kind of patience.

It was then I realized, unlike these lilies, I often just jump out of bed and start my day without the reflection of God's light upon me. A simple flower knows to come before its Creator each day and soak in His life-awakening fullness. How short do I fall when I don't offer my day to God and allow Him to awaken me with His Spirit; to fill me with His presence?

As I watched those flowers that day, I saw not only the spectacular array of color they were given, but saw their stamens growing in the heart of the blossom, reaching skyward like tiny arms, as if to say "thank you!" They accepted their position, not to toil or spin, but to just reflect back the warmth of the sun and the mercy of new life given to them each morning. How about me? Did I thank the Lord today for the sweetness of rest, the breath He gave me and the heart I find beating?

One final thought. I saw in the midst of this cluster of brilliant flora, one single flower whose purpose in life was done and it had folded up for good, never to see the beams of sunlight again. As I drew closer to this flower, I noticed that, not only was it tightly closed, but it was bowing down as if to say, "thank you for the life I was given and for the splendor I have received."

Take a lesson from these glorious day lillies and soak in the first rays of God's mercy and grace each morning, before you start your day. His splendor will shine upon you every day!

Contributed by Diane Check


Dear Chad,

I love that you posted this today.

From the ups and downs of times when the days' beginnings were directed toward GOD, to stretches where sidetracked, I have discovered what a difference it makes to keep each morning's first thought to be of Jesus, and first sound go out to the Lord.

No matter dismal feelings or exciting new endeavors, inventing songs that only GOD could love and singing loudly to Him (from the diaphragm), shouting praise to Him, reading a Psalm aloud - these accumulate to refresh His benefits. Sometimes it happens overnight, sometimes not. No matter the rate, a new song unto the Lord everyday increases the density of the substance of faith.

Your sister in Christ,
To Christ

:note: Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.(Psalm 96:1) :note2:
"Consider the lilies"

This means to not worry about any moment but the now. The now being eternity, ever lasting life, etc. If you have faith in God then that means you trust God even as far as to say that you don't have to have a conception of who he is(Belief). Just like the lilies don't "toil" for the future(or the past), then why should we. I f you beleive God is this or that then you are selling yourself short. God is beyond conception, meaning beyond symbols, words, imagination. Thou that try to save his soul shall lose it. Trying to worry for the future or preserve the past is missing the point. And "the point is eternal life, which is here and now".
A simple flower knows to come before its Creator each day and soak in His life-awakening fullness.


And if you cant be a Day Lilly...be a Dandelion...just keep looking to the Son

A little fact some of you may not know...

"While most of the civilized world reviles it, the dandelion in your yard is just waiting to be your friend. The dandelion is mostly now known as a weed, yet, at one time, the dandelion was so prized as a medicinal plant that it was brought to America by settlers looking to tame the new world. For the forager, there is not a part of the dandelion that will go to waste."

God is an AMAZING Forager...while men look to mow down dandelions...God selected them to be one of the most useful flowers He created...! :D

Reminds me...

1Co 1:28 And the low things of the world, and the things without honour, did God make selection of, yes, even the things which are not, so that he might make as nothing the things which are...
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Nothing with/out beleif?

Beleif is the opposite of faith. We "walk through the shadow of death" meaning without a conception or beleif of God.

Beleif is trying to hold on to water or swim against the river(and of course resulting in drowning), Faith is learning to swim with it and float.