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day 2

Hi everyone...well this is the second full day of me being a christian! weirrrrd hey! i feel like i post so much on here and ask so many questions...so please dont feel like you have to reply to this at all!

What i am wondering right now is : what does the average christian life look like? Hmmmm that's not too clear is it. I guess what i am saying is that i dont know any christians (except for a couple people from my old school that live in a nother city)...so i really have no idea what i am supposed to be doing right now.

I know you will say read the bible and do what the bible says...but I am kind hoping for a different answer. I will read the bible and try my best to do what it says...but what does that look like in everyday life?

when you wake up do you pray? outloud? with your family? do you say grace before every meal? do you go to church each week? How often do you pray? what else do you do? I mean is that basically it...just praying and going to church? is life pretty normal other than that?

anyhow yeah that's my question of the day! lol thank you so much for your input...and sorry to post so much!

Krista :)

P.S. do i have to say things like GBU? that feels really weird to say!
oh i thought of more (again please dont feel you have to reply):

what tv shows do you watch? what do you make sure you dont watch?

what about music? movies?

where do you draw the line? what about the people you hang out with? the language you use? the language your friends use?

how long do you read the bible a day? how long do you pray for?

hmmm thats all i thought of while i was getting my hair cut this afternoon! LOL

thank you!
Krista :)
:love: CONGRATULATION'S KRISTA !! It's a wonderful feeling inside when you become a CHRISTIAN ... I know that because I felt all warm inside the day that it happened to me & so I must admit something that I CRIED like a BABY when my daughter became one 2 years ago & it was one of the best feelings inside for a mother to have to watch her last child get baptized by her dad. So, that feeling never goes away so ENJOY YOUR NEW LIFE !!
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Hey Krista!

I was just thinking what it would be like to have no one to look at to get an idea of what it is like to be a Christian. Krista there are many many different looks. But basic ideas. The basic idea is to please the Lord instead of yourself. And that causes changes in all areas of our lives. And we grow in this change all of our lives.

You do need to go to church consistently. But you will have to decide how often that consistent is. You must find a church that believes in what the Bible says and that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Indeed prayer is a major part of your new life. God is your heavenly Father. Learn the Lord's prayer and use it. But also just talk to him as you would your dearest Friend but with the respect due a Father. Tell him Everything!

Read that Bible! And read it with the idea of allowing the Holy Spirit to make it real to you. You will grow and learn faster than you know. But the book of James tells us that to hear is not enough we must do it. So it is up to you to start the seeking through the Word.

Others will add to this. You are in a great place. Remember the LORD will never leave you or forsake you. And He is your Shepherd.

God's richest blessings,
Hi Krista, I love that you are asking questions. It gives you a chance to learn & us a chance to grow as we help you grow. You are making us think & that is never a bad thing. :) Ok, now onto some answers.

First, it is great to have other believers around & the best place to find them is in church. However, you do not have to attempt to be a mirror image of other Christians. You are a unique person...God will take what & who you are & mold it to how you can better serve Him. For instance, think of a "character flaw" you feel you have. With God's Touch, that character flaw can become a tool in serving Him. Are you impulsive or a big talker? With God, that can be used to be a bold witness for what He has done for you.

When I wake up in the morning, I usually begin by thanking God for the day, the sunshine & just whatever comes to mind. I don't always do it out loud & sometimes do it in the shower...I also have praise songs going thru my head lots of times when I wake up. When I have my "sit down" time to pray, it's usually outloud, but otherwise, I pray quietly throughout the day.

We have a family devotion time most days. My husband reads scripture & we hold hands as a family & he prays. If your husband isn't comfortable doing this, you can be the one to read & initiate prayer.

We do say grace before meals.

We don't always get to church every week, but that has been because of some problems we have been experiencing lately. We do try to go on a regular basis....I can feel the difference if I don't go. I personally need fellowship with other believers.

As far as tv...you're going to get several different answers. I don't watch a lot of regular tv..I tend to watch more home & garden & I love old black & white movies. I feel offended if I hear cursing throughout the movie so I don't watch those with a lot of bad language.

My viewing habits have changed as I have grown as a Christian. So have my listening habits. I prefer praise & worship music. Music stimulates or drags down. I don't care for lyrics I cannot understand - whether labeled as Christian or not.

I know we can't control the environment around us & the way people talk, but there are obviously places you won't want to go...ie...bars. Blessings & cursings cannot flow from the same lips....if you are cursing one minute, no one can hear the blessings you profess later. So you need to "draw the line" at things that make others doubt your Christianity. That's very general - God will lead you to what He wants you to give up. You may have to say to your friends that you prefer they not use that language around you. When they ask why, it's a wonderful time to witness!!

As far as how long I pray & read my Bible, it varies for me each day & it will for everyone. But we should read our Bibles not as a duty...but because we want to learn more of God. You can pray for a desire to read your Bible...God will give you that.

I hope I haven't rambled & written too much. I want to help guide you - not confuse.
i always make shure there is no wicth craft and any funny bussinees (like praing and exalting indian gods or so on) but i usaually think to my self when i do something or watch somehing or go some where i think and ask my self : if Jesus was here with me would he liekt o watch this and would he liek to be here and would he liek to hear this etc. so i dont know if this will help.
have a tottaly wonderful day!
Well i will give you my life what it looks like..

weird. messed up at times and basically the only thing that is comign to my mind at the moment is 1 thing.

Christian life is liek a Highway.. you have the one big lane one way towards God and you have all the side roads that people turn off. on one side there is Lust and worldy posesions that we put before God that we love more. which is when we get off the Highway and go left let say.. and then you have your spiritual warfare on the rigth side where you argue with God and follow satan and stuff liek that. on the rigth once again where you go off the main road and get away form God.

i pray at least once during a day and often more when we are at school... my family dont say Grace at any meal times unless i have David a frend of mine over. but i say it with my self cos i am basically the only DEVOTED chruistain in the Family. so yeah.. and what movies and Tv do i watch. i hardly watch any thing and life is generally the same i woudl say except i go to church every week i read bibel when i can and if i can i do..

umm if you woudl liek more just let me know!!

Love Simon!!!
Being a Christian rules. It is not going to be easy but with the help of Jesus you can accomplish anything. Here are some of my guidlines or my rules of life if you will:

Read your Bible daily. At least one chapter. Don't go reading 20 chapters and then expect to be able to keep up that pace. Set your minimum at one chapter and if you feel like reading more that day, go right ahead.

Pray daily. Before every meal. no matter where you are or who your with. You don't have to pray outloud. You don't need to be on your knees to pray either. You can pray while standing in line at the post office. That being said there should be at least once during your day when you are alone and on your knees in prayer

You don't have to stop watching TV but really begin to analize what your watching. There is almost nothing on anymore that doesn't contain sex,violence,cursing, or drugs. All of these things are not of God, and someone who is following him should not be willingly watching stuff like that.

Your language should be cleaner too, meaning no unnecessary words. Here is something that is a personal interpretation so don't take this as Gospel. The Bible says we will give account for every unnecessary word. not curse word, but unnecessary. So on top of all the curse words that we know, how many other things do we say that are not necessary? Shucks, shoot, darn...etc. A lot! You have the ability to say so many good things with your words, there is no sense in using your talking ability for gossip, cursing, and unnecessary speaking.

Ditch the pride. No Christian should have pride. It is an abomination to the Lord. Jesus commands us that if someone hits our cheek we are to turn the other also. You can't do that if you have pride. God will exhalt the humble.

Don't be afraid to give. whether it is time,or money or whatever. The Lord loves a cheerful giver. And when you break it down, everything that we have is a gift from him so to receive a gift and then turn and say you can't give is hypocritical.

The reason it feels wierd to say GBU is because satan wants you to think it is wierd. Even to this day I get a wierd feeling whenever I say the name Jesus. It is silly but I do. Don't let your feelings stop you. If a situation comes up where a GBU would fit. Throw it out there. Don't worry what people will think.

God Bless
When I got saved, I really didn't know any Christians. The church I got saved in, wasn't really very friendly. I kept reading the bible and God kept revealing things I should change about myself. A lot of people assumed I wasn't really a Christian because I still drank. I really didn't realize that Christians shouldn't be drunkards. I read it eventually. I found a church where the people were friendly, and would answer my questions without judging me. Just keep studying and asking questions. I personally like praise and worship music in the morning. It starts my day with joy for the Lord.