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David And Goliath And Noah's Ark

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by TomZart, Jun 23, 2009.


    David, the shepherd, a tender of sheep
    Would pray to his God before he would sleep.
    One day he awoke to the roar of beasts
    A bear and a lion in search of a feast.

    David slew both with his knife and his hand
    Though still just a boy and not yet a man.
    The Lord's love for David was proven once again
    When he challenged the champion of the Philistine men.

    Goliath's beastly fingers and hideous toes
    Made David more selective with the stones that he chose.
    One for the giant, he knew he would slay
    Four more for his brothers who were laughing that day.

    The giant told David, "I'll tear you apart;
    The birds and the animals shall feast on your heart."
    David yelled back, "I'll soon see you dead
    And when I'm through I'll cut off your head!"

    The worst of all men, drew high with his arm
    Came forth to David to do him great harm.
    The youth jumped ahead just as quick as a lynx
    A stone from his sling popped the giant where he thinks.

    Blood and bone spewed forth as that devil fell down;
    A thousand pound soldier lie dead on the ground.
    With Goliath's own sword, David chopped off his head
    Then took it to Jerusalem, to prove that he was dead.


    God saw that wickedness had fouled his earth
    To a state it could no longer be ignored.
    While grieving sadly he chose to destroy it
    Though Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

    The Lord told Noah to fashion a great ark
    Made of gopher wood and pitch, outside and in.
    Three hundred cubits long and fifty in width
    Before the world he knew, would come to its end.

    Bring your food, your sons, your wife and your son's wives
    And two of every living sort, be with thee.
    For with you I'll establish my covenant
    And all who are with thee shall survive the sea.

    They all marched forth, two by two, into the ark
    And waited for God's waters to flood the land.
    For forty days and for forty nights
    The fountains of the deep consumed beast and man.

    Inside the ark nostrils kept their breath of life
    As the high waters prevailed upon the earth.
    Every mountain and every hilltop vanished
    As all within felt the power of God's worth.

    The waters from heaven were finally restrained
    And after ten months the tops of mountains were seen.
    God had blessed Noah and all who had joined him
    To multiply, plant and fulfill his dream.

    Conservative Poet
    Tom Zart
    Most Published Poet
    On The Web
  2. Very Beautiful. God Bless You!
  3. Thank you for your helpful reply of support.

    Tom Zart

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