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Daughter of the Most High King!

Not so long ago i had a very bad ear infection in both of my ears. It was so bad that the doc couldn't get his looky-thing into my ear canal because it had closed up where it was so swollen and the infection made my temperature rocket sky high. The pain was quite unbearable.
I remember thinking most infections are 3 days of much pain but after that, the pain will subside a little as the antibiotics kick in. OOOOOh no! After four days i was still on painkillers and still in excruciating pain, to the point where i called a doctor to do a home visit, out of hours.
The doc would be over an hour before arriving to check me out, i was told because it wasn't life-threatening and they were busy. I couldn't bear it, i was crying so much with the pulsating pain.

I suddenly felt very cross and through my tears i said to the Lord
"I shouldn't have to put up with this, I am a daughter of the most high King and I shouldn't have to put up with this!"
next i said
"I'm NOT going to put up with this!" and i got up off the floor, raised my hands and head up high and began to thank God for my healing (almost demand it as my right)

Now, you must understand that it is not in my nature to be demanding, especially from authority, including God. I've been brought up to believe to be demanding is wrong and rude, so this was truly out of character for me.
I haven't added it to my personality since either...lol

I kept going. My hands were still in the air, my mouth was still determined to get what i came for...healing, and i wasn't going to stop thanking and praising God until i got there. My mind was made up.

It was a belief that i ordinarily wouldn't have had.

Suddenly, i felt a warm liquid start to flow from the top of my head. Slowly over my ears down my neck and over my shoulders. Together with this, i felt so excited and like jumping up and down or screaming out Hallelujah (which is really not me!) I was no longer in pain....at all....gone. My ears were still closed and i could still feel the bunged-up-ness of them but the pain was completely gone.

I cried in thanks to God. Huge tears and more thanks.

But wait...

As quick as a flash several thoughts entered my mind in a loud and course way, interrupting and jarring the flow that was in me.
- it won't last
- you will do something to loose this
- you will be in pain again any minute
- you won't go and tell your daughter upstairs because if it comes back, she will think you were lying!
- then you'll have a lot of explaining to do

I knew immediately that it was the enemy. I had never experienced something so clear and defined before.

I went straight upstairs to tell my daughter that God had taken the excruciating pain away. She was delighted.

For an hour i was pain-free....completely. It did not stay that way and the pain did eventually return gradually. I am convinced it was because i was not experienced enough to withstand the schemes of the enemy with confidence in the word.

I learnt a profound and valuable lesson......from my loving heavenly father. King of Kings!
Our God is an Awsome God, Theo. Hes has the power to heal Heman Flesh., bucause he is the creator!. Prais God for the healing. Ill plray that God makes you stronger in your faith, and that next time your ears hurt, the pain doesnt come back.

your humble brother,
yegor yeliz
Many thanks Yegoryeliz!

Believing....truly beleiving what we say, is one of the hardest lessons i am learning. It is easy to say words out of our mouths, and indeed that is the way we grow in confidence is to 'call that which is not as though it were', so-to-speak. Tht is how faith grows.
So often i see Christians saying words almost hoping to convince themselves of it's truth but actually what they are doing is lying because they really don't truly believe what they are saying in their heart.

I so want to actually speak the truth about what i believe. I am learning so much and have grown in faith so much since that ear infection...lol
I hope to learn by easier means in the future....lol
This is a great testamony to God's merciful Love.

This is a great testimony to God's merciful Love. AMEN Theosebes
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that was AWESUM theo!!

thanx 4 sharing!! it should encourage us all to have more faith in our daddy...