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Dating and Mating comparison

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Hi, I was asked to write a paper for class on Dating and Mating. May those who are single be encouraged to look at seeking a mate Gods way over society.

God created marriage with Adam and Eve after the fall in the garden of Eden. In recent

society, we have become very secular in how we find a mate whether one is a Christian or not. There

are numerous dating sites on line as we become more and more busy with our daily lives. When one

looks at the mating ritual of birds (you tube), we can make some comparisons and contrast in how we

humans have and now go about dating. A few of the comparisons we can look at are as follows.

1: Who pursues who for a mate?

2: How are we the same and how are we different then the animal kingdom?

3: How does God's word helps us to know what to look for in a mate?

4: What can we learn from the animal kingdom?

God has not changed His standards for us. Social values have changed concerning how

one looks for a mate, and standards have lowered as well. In recent years I have seen an increase

in the practice of courtship being taught in churches and with our youth. Is the trend changing

back towards Gods way?

In Genesis 3:15-17 (NKJV), God uses the terms husband and wife. Then again in

Genesis 9:7 (NKJV), God says to go forth and multiply. We are to date to find a mate. Christian

standards require that we keep dating pure however, society has changed that standard over the years to

date and be more self fulfilling has been placed above glorifying God. Appearance, whether in the

mating ritual of birds or with humans, seems to be somewhat of a prerequisite. Though I personally

believe we can learn a few moral lessons that we seem to have been forgotten. In nature, it is the male

who primps himself to draw attention to the females hoping she will pick him for a mate. With in the

male peacock or the dance of the Exotic Bird of Paradise ( you tube video clips), attractiveness is more

than the color of ones plumes, size or posture.

Years ago it used to be males who pursued females. Though today in society it is an

equal opportunity as to who pursues whom. As with the peacock and birds of paradise, one mate

tries to win the other over by an outward display of their best attributes. The way secular society looks

for a mate can be compared to that of the outward display of the bird's mating ritual, where God

reflects at the heart. It does not matter whether you are a man or a women. If you are not physically

attracted at first, the chances of dating drops considerably. Where one lives and if there are similar

interest tends to play a factor as well.

When going on a date both sexes dress up to impress the opposite sex as if doing a mating ritual

dance in a similar manner to birds. Though women are more likely to show their plumes like the

peacock, the men are more apt to strut around puffing their chest out. Men focus primarily on physical

attractiveness, and more often than not, look for a younger women than they are. On the other hand

women look for mature and trustworthy men. This however has changed as well, as older women are

now dating younger men. One needs to also remember this is more common in western culture than in

a middle eastern one.

God's intention was for man to leave his mother and cleave to his wife, to mate for life , and

states clearly that fornication is a sin. . Society states it is permissible to sleep with someone outside of

marriage and that same sex marriage is okay. Society also declares that if you don't like who you are

dating or married too, then he or she may be easily replaced. Gods word states in Geneses 2:24 A man

shall cleave to his wife; this is singular not plural and is of man and women not man and man or

women and women. We are told in scripture to not be unequally yoked as stated in 2 Corinthians 6:14

(NASB). Unlike the behavior exhibited by humans, birds are looking for a mate for life, which is what

the Bible dictates as well.

Some Christians are returning to the act of courtship which can be compared to how the birds

look for their life long mate. This allows both sides to learn about each other beyond ones outward

appearance. When birds display their mating ritual, there is more to it than just how good the male bird

looks to the female. There is more than what meets the eye. In the book The First Kiss by Kevin S.

Humphreys (pg 14) Kevin talks about how he once sought out in accordance to how society prescribes

and consequently had one failure after the other. It was only until he learned to allow God to be his

first love that he was able to allow God to teach him to honor His daughters as He wants them honored.

This enabled him to find the perfect mate. God ooks at the heart of man not the outward appearance.

Though the peacock and bird of paradise strut their stuff to win a mate, I believe God wants us to

follow His example and look at the heart of a person.


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Video Links

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YouTube - The Mating Dance - A must see!!!!

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