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Dark Light

Dark light"
Dark is all I see
All I ever will see
I don’t know what nor
Who to be
And in the darkness
I wait
Wait for something
wait for love
Love only brings hate
I wait in the chamber of darkness
the dark is my only friend
Suddenly I see
I see light
Unfamiliar with it I block
Block the light
The light gets brighter
A person appears
With a kind face
I don’t know him
But, he reaches out
I grasp his hand with out a care
I feel
Feel safe,
Nothing can hurt me now
He speaks
Speaks of my life
Speaks of what I have done
What I have done wrong
Ashamed by what he speaks
I close my eyes
And try to hide in the darkness
Everywhere I turn, he’s there
Then he speaks of love
His love
A love witch brought death
A love, which saved many from death
He died
Died for me
For the wrong I have done
The wrong I have thought
He died
Because he loves
Im free
Free of pain
Free of the darkness
Light is my path
And the darkness I will never turn back

Torch love. I like it. Amazing grace lifts us from the kingdome of darkness and plants in the kingdome of light. When Christ lights a torch after one of his lost lambs, he will not leave it alone till it is layn upon his shoulder and brought home..."everywhere I turn, He's there."