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Daring Faith: David's Originality

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Technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is a brilliant tool that keeps us connected with one another from around the world. With just a few scrolls on Instagram, we can see what our friends, family and role models are up to, even if they live continents away. On the other hand, all this exposure can lead to not just connecting and celebrating, but comparing and criticizing. If we are not careful our ability to stay informed can become a platform for our own insecurities.

It’s easy to compare ourselves. We see other people’s successes, and we all too quickly become reminded of our own failures. We see someone’s break-through and impatience infiltrates our hopes. And we can see someone else’s abilities and quickly question if we have what it takes to accomplish the dreams in our hearts.

If ever there was someone who could have questioned his own ability, it was young David. David was a teenager, the youngest of his brothers, a shepherd who wrote rock ballads in his spare time. He certainly didn’t have the resume of a hero. But when he visits his brothers on the battlefield and sees Goliath opposing God’s people, he decides to fight this giant.

Saul offers David armor and weaponry to wear, but after trying it on, David kindly refuses. Instead he used what was true to him- his own slingshot and stones. He had used them to defeat both lion and bear while protecting his father’s sheep. David had the faith to believe that God had uniquely designed and prepared him for the task at hand, and that he didn’t need to waste time wearing someone else’s armor.

Daring faith frees you to be who God called you to be, not an imitation of someone else. You don’t have to waste time trying to look like someone else or have someone else’s style or adapt your gifting to copycat someone else’s design. You are an original, fearfully and wonderfully made. So dare to be a stand out, a one of a kind. Have the faith to believe God has crafted you specifically, and praise God for the gifts, personality traits, experiences, and nuances that make you YOU!